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From Matt Gilman <>
Subject Re: Issues with creating and connecting RPG programmatically
Date Thu, 04 May 2017 17:30:39 GMT
I've responded to the question on StackOverflow [1].




On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 12:49 PM, Pushkara R <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to write a function that takes two parameters, a processor ID
> in machine A and an input port in machine B and creates an RPG in machine B
> which connects the above to.
> Now, how I am doing that is
> 1. A POST to the
> */nifi-api/process-groups/<rootprocessgroupid>/remote-process-groups*
> endpoint to create an RPG and retrieve the ID of that RPG
> 2. A POST to the */nifi-api/process-groups/<rootprocessgroupid>/connections
> *endpoint to create a connection between the processor and the input
> port. the processorID and the ID of the input port are being provided along
> with the list of the relationships.
> 3. A final PUT to */nifi-api/remote-process-groups/<rpgid> *to enable the
> transmission between the machines*.*
> Now, the function always throws errors in step 2. A 409 is thrown for the
> POST request with the error being 'Unable to find specified destination'.
> (though refreshing the canvas on machine 1 shows the rpg having been
> created)
> However, when I manually run the steps 2 and 3 afterwards, with the same
> rpgid, the connection happens.
> Now, I'm not sure if this is a synchronization issue or not, but I want to
> figure it out because I would not want to separate out steps 1 2 and 3.
> Could somebody point out what could be the issue here?
> Pushkar
> PS - the post messages for steps 2 are the same when the api is called
> from within the function and manually.

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