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From Russell Bateman <>
Subject Quickly find queues with data...
Date Fri, 05 May 2017 21:35:36 GMT
Is there some NiFi power-user trick to quick-finding queues that have 
flowfiles sitting in them?

I have a pretty big flow with lots of processor groups, processors, 
input- and output-ports, etc. and I ingest some files. I realize, 
however, that they don't all show up at the end, so I must go looking.

I need to find out which queues contain the ones that never made it to 
the end. Have I no other choice than to inspect every processor group 
and every queue visually in search of my lost files?

I know that processors that failed will have a red blob in their 
upper-right corner and that I'll find that the queue in front of them 
may contain files. I also know that a stopped processor's (i.e.: a 
processor I never started) preceding queue may contain files. But, is 
there a faster way than to inspect each processor, queue, etc?

Thanks for any comments, experience, tricks, etc.

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