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From James McMahon <>
Subject Re: Clustering Best Practices?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 13:08:22 GMT
These are invaluable insights Mark. Thank you very much. We'll tune
accordingly, and employ an external Zookeeper running on boxes other than
our NiFi server cluster boxes.

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Mark Payne <> wrote:

> Jim,
> I would offer you a few bits of advice. First, NiFi relies on ZooKeeper to
> coordinate which node is responsible
> to act as the Cluster Coordinator and which node should be the Primary
> Node. NiFi does allow you to start
> and embedded ZooKeeper, but for production use, it is recommended that you
> use an external ZooKeeper
> running on different boxes.
> Secondly, the default timeouts used for clustering (the
> "nifi.cluster.node.connection.timeout" and
> "" properties in are set
> to 5 seconds. This is okay for a "getting started"
> type of cluster. However, if you start processing large numbers of
> FlowFiles, the JVM's garbage collection can sometimes
> cause some fairly lengthy pauses. This could cause timeouts. So I would
> recommend increasing that to 10-15 seconds
> or more.
> Finally, the "nifi.zookeeper.connect.timeout" and "nifi.zookeeper.session.timeout"
> default to 3 seconds, as this is what
> the ZooKeeper default is. However, I've heard some people indicate that
> they saw frequent ZooKeeper timeouts, which caused
> the Primary Node and Cluster Coordinator to change frequently. Changing
> the value to 5 or 10 seconds was much better.
> Thanks
> -Mark
> > On Apr 20, 2017, at 7:01 AM, James McMahon <> wrote:
> >
> > Good morning. I have established an initial single-threaded NiFi server
> instance for my customers. It works well, but I anticipate increasing usage
> as groups learn more about it. I also want to move beyond our single
> threaded-ness.
> >
> > I would like to take the next step in the evolution of our NiFi
> capability, implementing a clustered NiFi server configuration to help me
> address the following requirements:
> > 1. increase our fault tolerance
> > 2. permit our configuration to scale to peak processing demands during
> bulk data loads and as more customers begin to leverage our NiFi instance
> > 3. permit our configuration to load balance
> >
> > I do intend to begin by reading through the clustering sections in the
> NiFi Sys Admin guide. I am also interested in hearing from our user
> community, particularly regarding clustering "best practices" and practical
> insights based on your experiences. Thanks in advance for any insights you
> are willing to share.  -Jim

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