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From Cheryl Jennings <>
Subject Nifi service stopped with no 'stop' request?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:14:24 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I had nifi running overnight, communicating between two nodes.  When I
checked in the morning, the nifi service on one of the nodes had stopped.

Normally when issuing a 'service nifi stop', I see an entry in
nifi-bootstrap.log that says:
org.apache.nifi.bootstrap.Command Apache NiFi has accepted the Shutdown
Command and is shutting down now

But this time, I only see this message in nifi-app.log, and no indication
in nifi-bootstrap.log that
a Shutdown Command was issued:
org.apache.nifi.BootstrapListener Received SHUTDOWN request from Bootstrap

Is there any reason nifi would stop like this without an explicit `service


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