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From Alessio Palma <>
Subject start it ONCE
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:13:12 GMT
Hello All, here is a question which is driving me crazy...
I'm using the PutHiveQL processor to create some tables and view into
HIVE. This processor need the SQL to execute into a flowfile.

I'm using a GenerateFlowFile to build an empty flowfile which is later
filled using the ReplaceText processor.

It Works but the cluster has 3 host and I'm getting the same query 3 times.

If I use the "On primany node" scheduling stretegy into the
GenerateFlowFile, anything works but I'm no longer able to use the CRON
scheduling option.

So.. There is a way to produce a SINGLE FlowFile into a cluster using a
"cron scheduling" option ?

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