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From Sven Davison <>
Subject dynamic getTwitter ?
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2016 16:10:41 GMT
i have a GetTwitter processor which works wonders. I'm tracking a few
people and a couple hash tags but i'm also pulling all hashtags out of the
posts and tracking how many times i saw it and when the last time was that
i saw it.

example tweet: "hello world #earth #usa"

if i'm watching #usa, i'll still get both tags and put them into my
database. using the tag as the id, a count for how many times it's been
seen and a lastSeen field for when it was last seen.

what i would like to do, is dynamically follow new tags upon condition X.
Say... once #earth gets more than 500 posts and only if the tag was seen in
the last 7 days. I can make a view in MySQL to build the result set, but
how do i get that result set into nifi, to follow those tags that will

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