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From Susheel Kumar <>
Subject Question on setting up nifi flow
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2016 14:54:00 GMT

After attending meetup in NYC, I am realizing NiFi can be used for the data
flow use case I have.  Can someone please share the steps/processors
necessary for below use case.

   1. Receive JSON on a HTTP REST end point
   2. Parse Http Header and do validation. Return Error code & messages as
   JSON to the response in case of validation failures
   3. Parse request JSON, perform various validations (missing data in
   fields), massages some data, add some data
   4. Check if the request JSON unique ID is present in MongoDB and compare
   timestamp to validate if this is an update request or a new request
   5. If new request, an entry is made in mongo and then JSON files are
   written to output folder for another process to pick up and submit to Solr.
   6. If update request, mongo record is updated and JSON files are written
   to output folder

I understand that something like HandleHttpRequest Processor can be used
for receiving http request and then use PutSolrContentStream for writing to
Solr but not clear on what processors will be used for validation etc.
steps 2 thru 5 above.

Appreciate your input.


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