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From "McDermott, Chris Kevin (MSDU - STaTS/StorefrontRemote)" <>
Subject Re: Help on creating that flow that requires processing attributes in a flow content but need to preserve the original flow content
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 14:55:18 GMT
I’ve entered a Jira issue, NIFI-1660, to enhance the expression language to be able to evaluate
a Json path.  I plan on submitting a pull request on it in the next week or so.  

On 3/22/16, 2:53 AM, "Conrad Crampton" <> wrote:

>My 2p. 
>If the kaka.key value (very simple json), you could use UpdateAttribute and use some expression
language - specifically the string manipulation functions to extract the part you want.
>I like the power or ExecuteProcessor by the way.
>And I agree, this community is phenomenally responsive and helpful.
>On 21/03/2016, 18:38, "McDermott, Chris Kevin (MSDU - STaTS/StorefrontRemote)" <>
>>Thanks everyone.  While I’m naturally disappointed that this doesn’t exist, I
am hyper charged about the responsiveness and enthusiasm of the NiFi community!
>>From: Matt Burgess <<>>
>>Reply-To: "<>" <<>>
>>Date: Monday, March 21, 2016 at 1:58 PM
>>To: "<>" <<>>
>>Subject: Re: Help on creating that flow that requires processing attributes in a flow
content but need to preserve the original flow content
>>One way (in NiFi 0.5.0+) is to use the ExecuteScript processor, which gives you full
control over the session and flowfile(s).  For example if you had JSON in your "kafka.key"
attribute such as "{"data": {"myKey": "myValue"}}" , you could use the following Groovy script
to parse out the value of the 'data.myKey' field:
>>def flowfile = session.get()
>>if(!flowfile) return
>>def json = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(flowfile.getAttribute('kafka.key'))
>>flowfile = session.putAttribute(flowfile, 'myKey',
>>session.transfer(flowfile, REL_SUCCESS)
>>I put an example of this up as a Gist (
>>A possible improvement could be to add a "jsonPath" function to Expression Language,
which could take any value (including an attribute) along with a JSONPath expression to evaluate
against it...
>>On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 1:48 PM, McDermott, Chris Kevin (MSDU - STaTS/StorefrontRemote)
<<>> wrote:
>>Thanks for the reply.  I think I was not clear.
>>The JSON I need to evaluate is in a FlowFile attribute (kafka.key) which I need to
be able to evaluate without modifying the original FlowFile content (which was read from the
Kafka topic).  What I can’t figure out is how to squirrel away the flowfile content so that
I can write the value of the kafka.key attribute to the FlowFile content, so that I can process
it with EvaluateJsonPath, and then read content I squirreled away back into the FlowFile content.
I considered using the the DistributedMapCache, but there would be no guarantee what I added
to the cache would still be there when I needed it back.
>>On 3/21/16, 1:37 PM, "Joe Witt" <<>>
>>>Sounds like you have the right flow in mind already.  EvaluateJSONPath
>>>does not write content.  It merely evaluates the given jsonpath
>>>expression against the content of the flowfile and if appropriate
>>>creates a flowfile attribute of what it finds.
>>>For example if you have JSON from Twitter you can use EvaluateJsonPath
>>>and add a property with a name
>>>'twitter.user' and a value of '$<>'
>>>Once you run the tweets through each flow file will have an attribute
>>>called 'twitter.user' with the name found in the message.  No
>>>manipulation of content at all.  Just promotes things it finds to flow
>>>file attributes.
>>>On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 1:34 PM, McDermott, Chris Kevin (MSDU -
>>>STaTS/StorefrontRemote) <<>>
>>>> What I need to do is read a file from Kafka.  The Kafka key contains a JSON
string which I need to turn in FlowFile attributes while preserving the original FlowFile
content.  Obviously I can use EvaluteJsonPath but that necessitates replacing the FlowFile
content with the kaka.key attribute, thus loosing the original FlowFile content.  I feel like
I’m missing something fundamental.
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