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From Louis-√Čtienne Dorval <>
Subject Wait from multiple inputs before ending the flow
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 02:35:20 GMT
Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to start using NiFi and I think that it will be very
usefull for a some projects.

I've been playing with it for some times and did a few basic flow, but I'm
having a hard time figuring how to achieve a part of my flow or if NiFi
will be able to do it.
I'm building a flow around existing systems, so NiFi would run in parallel
of that and gather the output of these systems (everything is asynchronous)
to take actions.

Everything starts with a GetJMSTopic on Topic1, then follows 2-3 processor
that does Attribute Extractions.
During that time the existing system will process the same message, enrich
the message (but also remove some usefull information) and will publish on
I need the message from Topic2, so I've added another GetJMSTopic on Topic2.
Then I need to somehow take the FlowFile from Topic1 and from Topic2,
"merge" them together in order to have the attributes from both FlowFiles.
After that I will probably need to use the GetMongo to access some
information. This will probably create a new FlowFile that I need to
"merge" with the others.
Then I'll put that in HBase or something else, not sure yet.

The part that I'm not sure how to solve is the "merge" of multiples
FlowFile, I hesitate between using the MergeContent processor and the

MergeContent seems like what I needs but the existing systems might add
some latency (and it will increase when there's a lot of publish on Topic1)
so I would need to increase the 'Maximum number of Bins'.
It will probably affect the performance of the system but how bad?
DetectDuplicate, it would feel akward to use that since it's not really a
duplicate, but it would be more lightweight (only keeps a hash). But will I
be able to find the previous FlowFile with "original.flowfile.description" ?

Let me know if there's another option that I didn't look into.
Or maybe my problem is really trivial but I need to change my perspective
on it...

Best regards,

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