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From Adam Taft <>
Subject Re: PULL ProvenanceEvent
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 23:05:09 GMT

Just to be clear, you are trying to distinguish between processors which
are actively "pulling" data (GetXYZ) vs. processors which just "listen" for
data (ListenXYZ)?  Is that your basic vision?

GetFile => PULL

Could you clarify what advantages this would have in terms of data
provenance?  What would you use this new event type for specifically?  What
are you missing now? Do you have a use case that needs this, or are you
just generally trying to round out the provenance event types for sake of
completeness?  I honestly don't know a use case where you care whether you
polled for the data or listened for it.  The provenance model today just
cares that you received the data, not so much how you received it.

You're right that this proposal will affect many processors and the
internal visualization tools, etc.  However even more important to realize,
this change would affect many other downstream consumers of provenance data
which aren't necessarily in the stock NiFi distribution.  For example, any
third-party/custom ReportingTask that handles provenance data would need to
be updated with this change.  There's probably need for a strong vision to
help demonstrate the value for this vs. the cost of the cascading effects
related to this change.


On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 4:02 PM Nissim Shiman <>

> Hello Team,
> The ProvenanceEventType class does a good job capturing possible events,
> but the PULL event doesn't seem to fall nicely into any of the existing
> types.
> RECEIVE is the closest, but RECEIVE is passive and doesn't capture the
> active action of a PULL
> And... maybe it would fall into FETCH, but FETCH is more focused on
> contents of an existing flow file being overwritten.
> What does the community think about a new PULL event type,
> or
>  using FETCH for PULL, and having what FETCH does now be a new event such
> as REUSE
> NOTE: a new PULL event would have a cascading effect of many processors
> that currently are emitting RECEIVE's being modified to be PULL
> (i.e. So GetFile would no longer be a RECEIVE, but rather a PULL), but
> would more accurately capture the event.
> Thanks,
> Nissim Shiman

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