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From Jeremy Taylor <>
Subject Re: issue w/ using MongoClientService w/ custom mongo processors
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 20:34:41 GMT
So, thank you for directing me close to the neighborhood I needed to look at.  I will share
how I was able to resolve the issue. I examined the nifi-mongo-db nar's pom and it looked
extremely similar to our nar's pom.  I then noticed the nifi-mongodb-services-nar and looked
there also for answers and noticed how that was referring to "nifi-mongodb-services".  That
was the ticket and helped our custom mongo processors play nice w/ creating MongoClientServices
within the nifi UI at runtime.  Below is exactly what I added to our nifi nar's pom and had
things work for us:


Jeremy H. Taylor

Software Developer
ACES Incorporated, an EverWatch Company
Email: <> <>

On 5/15/19, 4:52 PM, "Mike Thomsen" <> wrote:

    I think the problem stems from the fact that your NAR doesn't have a
    dependency on the mongo api nar from our bundle. See nifi-mongodb-nar as an
    example from our code base.
    On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 4:49 PM Jeremy Taylor <> wrote:
    > Greetings,
    > Per the link above, there are some custom processors that I help support.
    > Among those are two custom mongo processors called PartialUpdateMongo and
    > PutMongoWithDuplicateCheck.  I’m going to list a little background below
    > and mention some highlights of changes in the pom that had to be made, so
    > folks don’t respond with things we might already have.  To cut to the
    > chase, I am unable to select or create a new MongoClientService from the
    > NiFi UI for these 2 custom processors.  The error you get when you try to
    > create a new Client service from this processors is:  “No controller
    > service types found that are applicable for this property.”  We are not
    > implementing a new controller service here at all, so I cannot imagine the
    > need to place anything special in src/main/resources/META-INF.  What makes
    > this additionally interesting is I do seem to be able to create an
    > SSLContext service if I want to from these custom procesors w/ the current
    > state.  Why I can create one thing and not the other is strange.  Would
    > there be any thoughts or tips on what I’m missing that I might need to
    > adjust in my classes or poms to get rid of this error preventing me from
    > creating a mongo client service for each processor?
    > Background:
    > We on average upgrade our own system to use a newer NiFi about once a year
    > and upgraded our custom processors and NiFi flow near the end of last month
    > to use NiFi 1.9.2 from NiFi 1.6.0.  These two processors do static
    > initialization like many other processors do, but due to a change in the
    > AbstractMongoProcessor class, the “descriptors” member variable became
    > default package level access, so I had to write an
    > AbstractMongoBridgeProcessor class to extend AbstractMongoProcessor to be
    > able to access that member variable while allowing our existing mongo
    > custom processors to continue to do static initialization and pick all the
    > necessary property descriptors up from AbstractMongoBridgeProcessor before
    > adding more of our own to each custom processor during the static
    > initialization phase.  Thus, these custom processors don’t directly extend
    > AbstractMongoProcessor like your PutMongo or GetMongo processors do.
    > Special POM Changes that were recently made:
    >   1.  Within the NAR project’s pom, I had to add the following upon
    > upgrading our custom processor modules to support 1.9.2:
    > <dependency>
    >             <groupId>org.apache.nifi</groupId>
    >             <artifactId>nifi-mongodb-client-service-api</artifactId>
    >             <scope>runtime</scope>
    >         </dependency>
    >   1.  In the Processors project’s pom, I changed the following to be
    > “provided” in scope:  nifi-mongodb-processors, mongo-java-driver, nifi-api,
    > nifi-processor-utils
    >   2.  In the Processors project’s pom, I changed the following to be
    > runtime in scope:  nifi-standard-services-api-nar
    >   3.  As a bonus, I’ll mention that within the Processors project’s pom, I
    > left nifi-ssl-context-service-api at scope provided.
    > --
    > Jeremy H. Taylor
    > Software Developer
    > ACES Incorporated, an EverWatch Company
    > Email:<>
    > Email:<mailto:

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