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From Puspak <>
Subject Re: InvokeHttp - Response - Not readable
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2019 01:57:51 GMT
Thanks Bryan ,

I sent the floe file to a putfile and read it from there .the content looks
like below .
			This portal requires browser which support JavaScript.<br>
	        Please make sure that you are using an updated browser and that
JavaScript is enabled.

and please find the below properties those are set for my invokehttp .If
possible please let me know i something wrong over there .i donot have a
property Accept:application/json now but still the same issue.


SSL Context Service:No value set
Connection Timeout:5 secs
Read Timeout:15 secs
Include Date Header:True
Follow Redirects:True
Attributes to Send:No value set
Basic Authentication Username:xxxxpoc
Basic Authentication Password:Sensitive value set
Proxy Configuration Service:No value set
Proxy Host:No value set
Proxy Port:No value set
Proxy Type:http
Proxy Username:No value set
Proxy Password:No value set
Put Response Body In Attribute:No value set
Max Length To Put In Attribute:2048
Use Digest Authentication:false
Always Output Response:false
Trusted Hostname:No value set
Add Response Headers to Request:false
Send Message Body:true
Use Chunked Encoding:false
Penalize on "No Retry":false
Use HTTP ETag:false
Maximum ETag Cache Size:10MB

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