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From "Erik Anderson" <>
Subject NiFi, Docker Environment Variable for enabling debugging of NiFi inside a Docker container
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2019 22:15:38 GMT
I have a slight improvement to Environment variables that the NiFI docker system uses to bootstrap
its files

I documented it under

The commit is here.


There are times, when learning NiFi, that I want to stop and start NiFi with debugging on.
If NiFi was running inside a Docker container it was hard.

What I did was I created a new environment variable within the NiFi bootstrapping system it
uses to start itself up inside a docker container. FYI, some of those environment variables
are documented here.

What I did was introduce a new environment variable


And in file

I added

if [[ -n $NIFI_DEBUG ]] ; then
    . "${scripts_dir}/"

Basically what it does, if the NIFI_DEBUG is set


It updates the 

File to enable the debugging modes of NiFi

This is a very fast mechanism to restart NiFi with debugging turned on. Very developer and
workflow friendly.

If of interest I will create a JIRA, put the code on a fork, and give a pull request.

Erik Anderson

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