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From Joe Witt <>
Subject [REPORT] Apache NiFi Board Report Oct 2018
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2018 16:26:02 GMT

Below is the board report I'm sending for Apache NiFi Oct 2018.

If you see any glaring issues needing correction please advise.



## Description:
 - Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and
   distribute data.
 - Apache NiFi MiNiFi is an edge data collection agent built to seamlessly
   integrate with and leverage the command and control of NiFi. There are both
   Java and C++ implementations.
 - Apache NiFi Registry is a centralized registry for key configuration items
   including flow versions, assets, and extensions for Apache NiFi and Apache
 - Apache NiFi Nar Maven Plugin is a release artifact used for supporting the
   NiFi classloader isolation model.
 - Apache NiFi Flow Design System is a theme-able set of high quality UI
   components and utilities for use across the various Apache NiFi web
   applications in order to provide a more consistent user experience.

## Issues:
 - There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.

## Activity:
 - Conducted an important bug/security fix release in Apache NiFi 1.7.1 and
   another feature/improvement release of the NiFi Registry 0.3.0
 - The community is closing in on the release of Apache NiFi 1.8.0 which brings
   highly valuable new features including the ability to load balance data
   on connections across the cluster automatically and to offload data from a
   node to support decommission of that node.
 - There continues to be significant meetup, conference talks, on-line articles,
   blogs, and podcast coverage of Apache NiFi in the past few months.

## Health report:
 - Health of the community remains strong. Mailing list and JIRA activity has
   softened compared to the previous reporting period but remains very active.
   ASF hipchat conversations are used to direct traffic to the mailing lists.
 - We have not conducted a PMC discussion on committer/PMC pipeline in this
   reporting period and we need to do so soon.

## PMC changes:

 - Currently 29 PMC members.
 - Jeremy Dyer was added to the PMC on Mon Jul 30 2018.
 - Kevin Doran was added to the PMC on Mon Jul 30 2018.

## Committer base changes:

 - Currently 40 committers.
 - No new committers added in the last 3 months
 - Last committer added was Sivaprasanna Sethuraman at Mon Jun 04 2018

## Releases:

 - Apache NiFi 1.7.1 was released on Sun Jul 15 2018
 - Apache NiFi Registry 0.3.0 was released Mon Sep 24 2018

## Mailing list activity:

 - Activity on the mailing lists remains high with a mixture of new users,
   contributors, and deeper more experienced users and contributors sparking
   discussion and questions and filing bugs or new features.

    - 647 subscribers (up 4 in the last 3 months):
    - 720 emails sent to list (664 in previous quarter)

    - 427 subscribers (up 3 in the last 3 months):
    - 451 emails sent to list (873 in previous quarter)

    - 53 subscribers (up 4 in the last 3 months):
    - 6536 emails sent to list (8310 in previous quarter)

## JIRA activity:

 - 299 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
 - 199 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months

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