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From Kevin Doran <>
Subject Apache NiFi Registry 0.3.0 RC1 Release Helper Guide
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2018 14:12:52 GMT
Hello Apache NiFi community,

Please find the associated guidance to help those interested in
validating/verifying the Apache NiFi Registry release so they can vote.

# Download latest KEYS file:

# Import keys file:
gpg --import KEYS

# [optional] Clear out local maven artifact repository

# Pull down nifi-registry-0.3.0 source release artifacts for review:


# Verify the signature
gpg --verify

# Verify the hashes (sha1, sha256, sha512) match the source and what
was provided in the vote email thread
shasum -a 1
shasum -a 256
shasum -a 512

# Unzip

# Verify the build works including release audit tool (RAT) checks
cd nifi-registry-0.2.0
mvn clean install -Pcontrib-check

# Verify the contents contain a good README, NOTICE, and LICENSE.

# Verify the git commit ID is correct

# Verify the RC was branched off the correct git commit ID

# Look at the resulting convenience binary as found in

# Make sure the README, NOTICE, and LICENSE are present and correct

# Run the resulting convenience binary and make sure it works as expected

# Test integration between the Registry and NiFi

Start the registry

    ./bin/ start

Create a bucket in the registry

    - Go to the registry UI at http://localhost:18080/nifi-registry
    - Click the tool icon in the top right corner
    - Click New Bucket from the bucket table
    - Enter a name and click create

Start NiFi

Tell NiFi about your local registry instance

    - Go the controller settings for NiFi from the top-right menu
    - Select the Registry Clients tab
    - Add a new Registry Client giving it a name and the url of

Create a process group and place it under version control

    - Right click on the PG and select the Version menu
    - Select Start Version Control
    - Choose the registry instance and bucket you want to use
    - Enter a name, description, and comment

Go back to the registry and refresh the main page and you should see
the versioned flow you just saved

Import a new PG from a versioned flow

    - Drag on a new PG like normal
    - Instead of entering a name, click the Import link
    - Now choose the flow you saved before

You should have a second identical PG now.

# Send a response to the vote thread indicating a +1, 0, -1 based on
your findings.

Thank you for your time and effort to validate the release!

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