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From Josefz <>
Subject Re: SSLPeerUnverifiedException Hostname "xyz" not verified
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2018 19:51:40 GMT
@Andy LoPresto

I fully understand what you wrote regarding certs in the admin guide,
however as you already mentioned, in my point of view this certificate stuff
is really a pain. We have lost multiple days to get it running together with
LDAP, just because of the complexity of the whole configuration. And after
the upgrade to 1.7.0 we had again issues because of certs and the bug...

Let me explain why we use wildcard certs. We have to use our company CA and
we have to manually insert the CSR on a website (with some additional
parameters) to get the certificate signed. If we have to do that for 20
nodes or even more, this would be a huge work. Additionally our network
where the NiFi Nodes are, is a subnet secured by a firewall, so it's not
possible to connect from outside through the cluster port. If an attacker is
inside the subnet and is able to create a NiFi Node who can join the cluster
(with the certificate and the password for the keystore), then we would
anyway have bigger problems. But yes of course, wildcard certs are less

*Two questions for you:*

1. We used the wildcard certs already in NiFi 1.5.0 in our lab, however we
would like to go live with 1.7.1 now. If we haven't seen any issues on NiFi
1.5.0 with the wildcard certs, how likely would it be that we see some
issues on 1.7.1?

2. Somewhere I've read that in an optimal world (eg. with the NiFi TLS
Certkit) we should have a Cert with a unique DN and as well use the same DN
for the SAN per node. Would it be ok to have the following:

3-Node Cluster Environment: nifi-node-1, nifi-node-2, nifi-node-3

One Keystore Certificate for all NiFi nodes with the following attributes:
-> DN "CN=NiFi Apache"; 
-> SAN = nifi-node-1, nifi-node-2, nifi-node-3

Background is the following, we are planning a loadbalancer in front of NiFi
Webgui and I don't see any solution to get the whole thing work without the
procedure above. Today we use wildcard, with that we are good to go. But as
you already mentioned multiple times that wildcards are not supported we are
looking for some alternatives.

Thanks in advance

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