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From Mohammed Nadeem <>
Subject Re: DBCP Connection Pooling using multiple OJDBC Drivers
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2017 14:29:56 GMT
Thanks Milan, I have doubt here.

When i execute my custom processor keeping ojdbc14.jar for Oracle 8i in my
nifi-lib folder then custom processor works fine, but when i execute
processor for Oracle 11 g then its throwing me an error "NoSuchMethodError
Oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection.createOracleArray()" though i have ojdbc7.jar
as my dependency in my maven setup. I think it is trying to load only
ojdbc14.jar from where its not able to find that method ( I decompiled the
ojdbc14.jar and it doesn't support that method) only ojdbc7.jar supports. If
do reverse where i place ojdbc7.jar first then oracle 8i is throwing error.

I feel like dbcp connection pool is loading only one driver which will be
enabled first. if ojdbc7.jar is enabled then only that will be used through
out Nifi instance.. Loading other ojdbc driver will be useless i feel. Not
Sure whether im correct or not.

Could you please help me here.

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