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From wildo <>
Subject Re: Custom properties file for environmental promotion
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 18:47:23 GMT
If you guys would please entertain one more question:

Unfortunately the site is currently limited to Nifi 1.2, and this
effectively renders the custom properties file useless as it relates to the
PutHDFS kerberos principal/keytab. I was thinking about this as I exported
the template in order to put into source control.

Is there any reason that I couldn't modify the xml template to replace these
values before uploading the template into the new environment?

    <key>Kerberos Principal</key>

    <key>Kerberos Keytab</key>

Similarly, when it comes to the remote process group, is there any reason
that I can't just modify these uris before uploading the template to the new


It would be quite simple to write a script that does a simple substitution
on these values. But is there any reason that that wouldn't work? I imagine
I'm hardly the first to think about editing the template xml itself...

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