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From Bryan Bende <>
Subject nifi-extension-utils
Date Mon, 01 May 2017 21:25:33 GMT

As part of NIFI-3724 which was merged to master earlier today, I made
some slight refactoring to the organization of some utility code and
wanted to mention it in case anyone is wondering where things moved...

Previously under nifi-commons we had nifi-processor-utils and
nifi-hadoop-utils which had become places to put abstract processors
and processor related code. This type of utility code is a bit
different from the rest of nifi-commons which is completely
independent of anything under nifi-nar-bundles.

So I created nifi-extension-utils under nifi-nar-bundles to contain
code like abstract processors and things that need to reference
controller service APIs. The structure currently looks like the

    - nifi-extension-utils
          - nifi-processor-utils
          - nifi-hadoop-utils
          - nifi-record-utils
                - nifi-standard-record-utils
                - nifi-avro-record-utils
                - nifi-hadoop-record-utils

Going forward the goal would be for nifi-commons to be independent of
anything in nifi-nar-bundles.

After rebasing you may have the residual projects still under
nifi-commons and will want to clean up appropriately. "git clean -dn"
will dry run the clean and then "git clean -df" will delete it.



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