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From Andrew Christianson <>
Subject Revisiting MINIFI-175; minifi-cpp Alpine Dockerfile
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2017 14:19:11 GMT
Have we considered porting the current Dockerfile from Ubuntu to Alpine? The ubuntu image,
especially with all the build-time deps left in the final image, is quite bloated. This runs
against the design intent of minimal footprint in minifi-cpp. Further, the new multi-stage
Docker builds would allow us to isolate the build environment in its own stage and allow only
runtime deps to exist in the final image. Overall it would be a much smaller image.

Reviewing the JIRA activity for MINIFI-175, it seems the decision to not use alpine was originally
due to the desire to encapsulate the build of minifi inside the build of the docker image,
which for some reason wasn't compatible with using alpine. On initial testing, it seems alpine's
musl libc has issues with spdlog. Since it may involve some effort and decision making with
regard to which dependencies are used, this is a decision probably best made by the community.

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