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From Koji Kawamura <>
Subject Re: Re: we finished a Chinesization & a Japanize version of Nifi 1.1
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 06:35:19 GMT
Hi Dustin, Petter,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I think it is necessary for us as a community to the official Apache
NiFi master branch. Because I think that's the only way to maintain
localized content in the future, so that it will not being left

I wrote a NiFi Feature Proposal on Localize NiFi to lay out my
thoughts, and as a place for further discussion.

I'd like to highlight few statements from the proposal:

"Actual translation (localization) work need not to be finished
completely at any point in NiFi releases. Thus it does not affect NiFi
release cycle at all. However, NiFi framework capability to extend
language is managed as a part of NiFi itself."

"Once the externalize effort is incorporated to NiFi code base,
subsequent code change should follow the same rule in order to
maintain localization."

What I think necessary is to merge the extension point you have
externalize into master branch as soon as possible and when we have
time to do so. After that, we can focus on translating content, and I
think we can expect lots of contribution from local engineers for

The next step would be create a JIRA for extracting user-facing string
from JS and JSP files. And create a Pull Request so that the change
can officially be reviewed and merged. Would you be able to do that?

How to create a JIRA ticket:

How to send a pull request

> As we do not have experience to do localization in nifi before...

This is my first time, too :)


On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 8:17 PM,
<> wrote:
> Hi Koji,
> Today ,we created the new repository of Nifi ,thr url :
> , the  branch of master is based  on
> branch NIFI-2676-rc1 ,nothing for modified , the branch of NIFI-cn-v1 is the
> Chinesization & a Japanize version of Nifi 1.1.0 ,the  branch of
> NIFI-cn-pro-v1 is our own processor (chineseName,spider,dameng). Any
> suggestions are welcome . Thanks a lot .
> Best regards
> Petter Wang
> ________________________________
> From: Koji Kawamura
> Date: 2017-03-10 17:03
> To: dev
> Subject: Re: we finished a Chinesization & a Japanize version of Nifi 1.1
> Hi Dustin,
> I tried to build the branch, but it wasn't successful out of the box,
> due to the module version mismatch. Following projects are defined as
> '1.0.0' in pom.xml but I think those should be '1.1.0-SNAPSHOT'.
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-custom-ui-utilities/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-jetty/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-ui-extension/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-api/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-content-access/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-content-viewer/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-docs/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-error/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-optimistic-locking/pom.xml
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-security/pom.xml
> I got another build error on angular version at bower plugin. Changed
> angular from 1.5.8 to 1.6.3 in this file:
>         modified:
> nifi-nar-bundles/nifi-framework-bundle/nifi-framework/nifi-web/nifi-web-ui/src/main/frontend/bower.json
> After applying above modification, I was able to build the branch and
> now I'm seeing Japanese NiFi Web UI. Thanks again for sharing this.
> Let's see how we can incorporate this to the nifi code base so that
> localization work can keep updating.
> Thanks,
> Koji
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 4:29 PM, Koji Kawamura <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Dustin,
>> This is awesome! I am a native Japanese NiFi developer and many people
>> wish to see local language in the UI. I am going to check the Japanese
>> NiFi UI out :)
>> Thanks,
>> Koji
>> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 1:26 PM, 王家昉 <> wrote:
>>> Hi All:
>>>     We are glad to announce that our company, Weiresearch Info Tech.,Ltd,
>>> has finished a Chinesization version and a Japanize version of
>>> Nifi-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT (based on branch NIFI-2676-rc1 ) . Please refer to
>>> the
>>> snapshot attached. Our company is a leading big data technology, software
>>> and service provider in China. We also dedicate to contribute to open
>>> source
>>> community and provide the value of Nifi to customers at China. The
>>> versions
>>> we finished has been customized to adapt to the requirements of Chinese
>>> customers, like adding processors that supports Chinese self developed
>>> database etc. We have ability to deliver processors development as well
>>> as
>>> localization for different language, for any version of Nifi.
>>>   Anyone who are interested can find the code we finished at
>>>, and any
>>> suggestions
>>> are welcome. Thanks a lot
>>> Best regards
>>> Your Sincerely, Dustin Wang

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