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From Matt Burgess <>
Subject Re: what to do
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 12:46:48 GMT

Aldrin replied to your initial email yesterday (see below), did you
subscribe to the dev list (by sending an email to If not then you may not receive
responses (I've CC'd your email here this time).


Hi Bernie,

Sorry you have had some problems getting NiFi running on Windows.  As a
general note, Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects do not have
forums.  The mailing lists are the best place to engage for discussion and
questions.  When you run into bugs and issues, these can be reported to a
project's respective JIRA.  NiFi's is available at:  I have created an issue to
capture details located at

Could you specify what you mean by Windows version?  Is this just the zip
file instead of the tar.gz file?  Could you also please provide what
version of Windows you are using and how you extracted the assembly?  I do
know that some versions of Windows zip utilities have had issues with
longer paths.  This can also be an issue if NiFi is extracted into a
location deeper within the filesystem.  Have you also tried extracting and
running from a location closer to the root of the filesystem?

Feel free to reply to this email with those details or provide them on the
above listed issue, NIFI-3348.

Thanks and sorry for the woes getting started!


On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 12:23 AM, Bernie <> wrote:
> I emailed last evening, having no online resource to figure out why the
> windows’ NiFi 1.1.1 cannot find one of its own objects, which does exist
> where the NiFi expected it at least within the source tree but it clearly is
> not a compiled object.  The .cargo/bin directory IS within the %PATH%
> variable, at the front as the NiFi installation altered it. <ß My mistake
> here: this is a different tool, not NiFi (it’s Rust pgm lang)
> Where else can I seek assistance, or instructions of alternative steps to
> get the release to properly start up the browser UI?
> Bernie

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