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From "McDermott, Chris Kevin (MSDU - STaTS/StorefrontRemote)" <>
Subject Re: Binary Data over the PutTCP processor
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 19:36:02 GMT
Hello friend,

I’m not really a developer but I thought I might chime in while you wait for a more “official”

Reading the original JIRA for the PutTCP processor and glancing at the code, it seems to send
the binary data unmolested.  The Character Set setting (e.g. UTF-8) is only to allow the proper
binary conversion of the message delimiter to a byte sequence.  Yes, the documentation for
the Outgoing Message Delimiter could certainly be more specific.

Did you try sending the binary data without a message delimiter?

I hope this helps.

Chris McDermott
Remote Business Analytics
STaTS/StoreFront Remote
HPE Storage
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mobile: +1 978-697-5315

On 9/14/16, 1:56 PM, "choedebeck" <> wrote:

    I was able to resolve this issue by encoding my data as Base64 before
    sending, and then decoding the data I received from the PutTCP processor. 
    It is important to point out though that I was only able to do this because
    I controlled both the data being sent.  I can imagine several use cases
    where this would not be the case.
    This was very inconvenient, and at a minimum I believe the documentation
    should be updated to spell out that if binary data is going to be sent
    across this processor, it must be encoded as text.  Ideally, there would be
    some kind of setting that would allow me to send binary data across this
    processor without requiring encoding.
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