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From Joe Witt <>
Subject Apache Yetus annotations : clarifying public vs private api
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 23:32:44 GMT

For those interested I am going to take a stab at working through the
codebase [1] to apply Apache Yetus [2] annotations to make it more
clear and well communicated what are the public vs private aspects of
the API.

We've had the 'nifi-api' module for some time now but unless you know
that this was meant to be the public API for supported extension types
you'd not really know that other parts of NiFi were not meant to be
altered and could be changed.  Therefore, we've not been able to
evolve the framework as directly as we'd like at times.  We had to
wait until 1.0 to make changes which otherwise should have been ok to
make.  Also, previously 'nifi-api' had a lot of extraneous bits in it
that have now been refactored out to where they belong such as core
framework itself or in a 'nifi-framework-api' module.  This means
things in 'nifi-api' should be quite stable and public.

Yetus gives us a chance to clearly articulate which parts of the API
are meant for public use and which are meant for private use only and
therefore are subject to change.  Furthermore, even for those public
elements we can more effectively articulate stability in ways that map
really nicely to our versioning scheme.

My intent is to be very cautious in labeling anything beyond the
nifi-api as public.  We can open things up as they prove to be stable
or clearly need to be made available as supported points of extension
but we can't really go back the other way.

We of course also have to realize our 'interface' is more than these
APIs we're talking about.  It is the REST interface, it is
configuration files, it is templates, and so on.

Anyway, I hope to have the PR up for this very soon but wanted to send
a special note to the dev mailing list in case there are folks
particularly interested in this and who want to share their views.  If
you are please keep an eye out for NIFI-1373.



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