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From djmdata <>
Subject Re: ListenSMTP processor
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2016 00:53:56 GMT
What is the JIRA #?

I have a production system that reads email from a custom SMTP listener and
places the SMTP payload into Kafka. A Storm topology reads messages from
Kafka and parses the emails (Java code using JavaMail API) into useful info
(subject, text, attachments, body, etc...).

I'm looking at plugging NiFi into this to replace the custom SMTP listener.
If you had a processor that could act as a reliable (we can't lose emails)
and performant SMTP listener alternative we would use it.

Your "email parser processor" is an interesting idea - but beware of the
mess you'll find in the wild with email. In our case, we try to parse
Exchange (full of non-standard wonders like "TNEF" attachments") as well as
email from virtually anywhere (GMail, Yahoo, Joe's email client...). If you
can crack that you'll be on to something. We have even more complexity in
that we read "Microsoft Journals" which wrap the standard SMTP layout in a
Microsoft layer (you'll see this at large Exchange shops doing this kind of
thing for use cases like compliance).

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