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Ivan Serdyuk (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-545) Classes are not loading, during the build on 64bit RISC-V board Mon, 11 Jan, 03:56
Jorge Machado (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-546) Upgrade minifi to java 11 and nifi 1.12 Sun, 24 Jan, 13:35 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch MINIFICPP-1348-RC1 updated: MINIFICPP-1405 - Update civetweb version, remove patch, disable building lua and duktape deps Mon, 04 Jan, 13:48 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1390 Create DeleteS3Object processor Tue, 05 Jan, 13:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1445 - Refactor docker integration test frame Wed, 06 Jan, 09:49 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1447 - Remove unused C2Payload::isResponse Wed, 06 Jan, 11:03 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1446 SQL extension doesn't compile on Debian Thu, 07 Jan, 14:49 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1396 Create FetchS3Object processor Fri, 08 Jan, 15:33 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1439 - Startup without agent class, handle class update Fri, 08 Jan, 16:40 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1398 MINIFICPP-1375 - update date, fix EL date functions on windows, fix ucrt issues, fix vs2019 build issues Tue, 12 Jan, 09:36 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1443 Fix 'possible loss of data' warnings Tue, 12 Jan, 10:35 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1407 - Fetch flow configuration file from C2 if not found locally Thu, 21 Jan, 13:15 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1452 Parameterize Docker image build Tue, 26 Jan, 17:30 [nifi] branch main updated (803ba88 -> 27f57e6) Wed, 20 Jan, 21:00 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8023: Convert java.sql.Date between UTC/local time zone normalized forms before/after database operations Tue, 26 Jan, 20:40 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8175: Add WindowsEventLogReader controller service Fri, 29 Jan, 21:17 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7924 Add fallback claims for identifying user to OIDC provider Thu, 07 Jan, 21:12 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8171 This closes #4779. Upgraded Bouncy Castle libraries to 1.68 and centralized dependency version NIFI-8171 Increased response and idle timeouts for HTTP unit tests NIFI-8171 Increased TestServer idle timeout to 45 seconds for HTTP unit tests NIFI-8171 Adjusted timeout and sleep on TestPutTCPCommon.testPruneSenders NIFI-8171 Increased TestServer idle timeout to 60 seconds and removed 500ms Thread.sleep() in TestInvokeHttpSSL NIFI-8171 Optimized OkHttpClientUtils to avoid reading tru [...] Wed, 27 Jan, 04:27 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8173, NIFI-8174: This closes #4784. Updated Parameter Contexts to allow for unsetting a parameter value / setting it to null. Allow Parameters to make use of Expression Language. Updated docs to illustrated how EL is evaluated Wed, 27 Jan, 04:55 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7263 This closes #4167. Add No Tracking Listing Strategy to ListFile/ListFTP processors Wed, 27 Jan, 05:43 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7873 Removed older/less commonly used nars from convenience assembly build to get back under max 1.5GB size Wed, 27 Jan, 06:12 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7873 increasing test parallelism to use all cores available Wed, 27 Jan, 16:27 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8177 This closes #4786. Added timeout to Sender Pool polling to avoid blocking indefinitely Wed, 27 Jan, 22:04 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8178 This closes #4787. Replaced StandardSSLContextService in unit tests with SslContextUtils - Removed references to StandardSSLContextService from nifi-standard-processors - Removed TestGetHTTPGroovy and TestPostHTTPGroovy since these are testing deprecated processors - Optimized HandleHttpRequest, GetHTTP, PostHTTP to use SSLContextService.createContext() NIFI-8178 Changed TestGetHTTP to ITGetHTTP since GetHTTP is deprecated NIFI-8178 Changed TestPostHTTP to ITPostHTTP since PostHT [...] Thu, 28 Jan, 00:48 [nifi] branch NIFI-7873-RC1 created (now 64eb4aa) Thu, 28 Jan, 03:07 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-7873-RC1 prepare release nifi-1.13.0-RC1 Thu, 28 Jan, 03:07 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-7873-RC1 prepare for next development iteration Thu, 28 Jan, 03:07 [nifi] annotated tag nifi-1.13.0-RC1 created (now fddd09b) Thu, 28 Jan, 03:08 svn commit: r45615 - /dev/nifi/nifi-1.13.0/ Thu, 28 Jan, 04:12 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8062: make tabs functional with keyboard Mon, 04 Jan, 16:59 [nifi] branch main updated (5c79553 -> 112b893) Mon, 04 Jan, 18:41 [nifi] branch main updated (112b893 -> 0f667cb) Mon, 04 Jan, 19:14 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7937 Added StandardFlowFileMediaType enum to replace string references to FlowFile Media Types Mon, 04 Jan, 19:20 [nifi] branch main updated (80eb570 -> 8b2712e) Wed, 06 Jan, 16:03 [nifi] branch main updated (8b2712e -> 954c09d) Wed, 06 Jan, 16:51 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-6242 PutFileTransfer generating incorrect provenance event Wed, 06 Jan, 17:10 [nifi] branch main updated (783633c -> 817f621) Wed, 06 Jan, 21:24 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8069 Set invalid status when Controller Services are enabling Mon, 11 Jan, 18:43 [nifi] branch main updated (0b966cd -> 382439c) Wed, 13 Jan, 13:42 [nifi] branch main updated (382439c -> 3cc8d76) Wed, 13 Jan, 14:35 [nifi] branch main updated (f02079c -> b4ddeb8) Tue, 19 Jan, 21:29 [nifi] branch main updated (93a5823 -> 525e410) Thu, 21 Jan, 15:57 [nifi] branch main updated (8c49f06 -> 400d180) Thu, 21 Jan, 17:32 [nifi] branch main updated (400d180 -> 6741317) Thu, 21 Jan, 17:53 [nifi] branch main updated (0ff4367 -> 0a10557) Tue, 26 Jan, 20:24 [nifi] branch main updated (5f7558c -> 82c8449) Tue, 12 Jan, 15:32 [nifi] branch main updated (2d69179 -> 0b966cd) Tue, 12 Jan, 21:12 [nifi] branch main updated (b9076ca -> 097edf4) Fri, 15 Jan, 15:04 [nifi] branch main updated (3e72dfe -> f02079c) Tue, 19 Jan, 18:25 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7698: Added a merge.reason attribute for flowfiles indicating why they were merged by MergeContent. Also updated logs to indicate the reason and added additional documentation for processor Tue, 19 Jan, 22:20 [nifi] branch main updated (25ab050 -> 803ba88) Wed, 20 Jan, 18:49 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8142: Add "Insert Ignore" option to PutDatabaseRecord NIFI-8142: Fix Checkstyle error Wed, 27 Jan, 16:53 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8155 - add banner text in page title Sat, 30 Jan, 00:21 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7761 Allow HandleHttpRequest to add specified form data to FlowFile attributes Tue, 05 Jan, 08:42 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8067 - Fix 1-way SSL in GRPC processors Tue, 05 Jan, 10:31 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-6576 Added Basic Authentication support to ConfluentSchemaRegistry Wed, 06 Jan, 08:34 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8021: Fixed bug in ConsumeKafka_2_0 and ConsumeKafkaRecord_2_0 where explicit partition assignment causes issues with more than 1 concurrent task. Also fixed bug that prevented more nifi nodes than partitions because it didn't properly handle empty string for the list of partitions Wed, 06 Jan, 18:27 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8021: Fixed bug in ConsumeKafka_2_6 and ConsumeKafkaRecord_2_6 where explicit partition assignment causes issues with more than 1 concurrent task. Also fixed bug that prevented more nifi nodes than partitions because it didn't properly handle empty string for the list of partitions Wed, 06 Jan, 18:28 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8131: Support aws_s3_v2_directory in Atlas reporting task Mon, 11 Jan, 17:54 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8138: Add Sensitive Property value to property tooltip Tue, 12 Jan, 20:44 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7726 correct versionedFlowState field name in SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask schema Tue, 19 Jan, 06:40 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8109 - Update MongoDBControllerService to externalize username and password Tue, 19 Jan, 17:22 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8149: Updated Apache Calcite version from 1.21.0 to 1.26.0 Wed, 20 Jan, 09:04 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8043: Quote update key column names in PutDatabaseRecord Thu, 21 Jan, 07:17 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8156 Fixed byte handling bug in cassandra. Thu, 21 Jan, 07:23 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7243 Upgraded com.hierynomus.sshj to 0.30.0 to resolve authentication race condition in version 0.27.0 Thu, 21 Jan, 17:22 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8166 - Upgraded jackson-databind to Fri, 22 Jan, 05:58 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1441 Specify Lua version in Mac CI builds Tue, 05 Jan, 06:41 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (082a7c7 -> 33d752a) Tue, 05 Jan, 07:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1440 PublishKafka processor's "security protocol" should have allowable values Tue, 05 Jan, 09:34 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (f239119 -> 9d0743c) Fri, 08 Jan, 15:36 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1446 - SQL extension doesn't compile on Debian Tue, 19 Jan, 11:23 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1448 CWEL JSON output Sat, 23 Jan, 20:44 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1449 Add pause and resume message to C2 functionality Tue, 26 Jan, 17:33 [nifi] branch main updated (82c8449 -> 7d76bcd) Tue, 12 Jan, 15:59 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7356 - Config TLS for embedded ZooKeeper when NiFi TLS enabled. Thu, 21 Jan, 18:50 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8163: When counting number of components, we traverse into all Process Groups, but then call findAllRemoteProcessGroups, which is a recursive call, instead of calling getRemoteProcessGroups(). This results in counting the Process Groups many times. So fixed that. Thu, 21 Jan, 20:12 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-6999 - Made changes to load flow.xml files using streams. Updated tests. Thu, 21 Jan, 20:32 [nifi-registry] branch main updated: NIFIREG-434 Added support for BCFKS Keystore Type Mon, 25 Jan, 16:21 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8088 Removed deprecation warning log for PKCS12 trust stores Tue, 26 Jan, 21:52 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7964 Force PutAzureBlobStorage to stream writes Wed, 06 Jan, 12:48 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7889 - ConsumeMQTT - use offer instead of add Wed, 06 Jan, 13:17 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7894 - ConsumeMQTT - allow EL on Client ID property with shared subscription Wed, 06 Jan, 15:47 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8120 Added RuntimeException handling on HttpContextMap.complete() Fri, 08 Jan, 17:15 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8121 Updated ListenHTTP with inferred Client Authentication Policy Mon, 11 Jan, 17:09 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7989: Add Update Field Names and Record Writer to UpdateHiveTable processors Wed, 13 Jan, 22:28 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7895 - Fix NPE in ConsumeMQTT with truststore only SSL CS Tue, 19 Jan, 23:31 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7890 - Added record support to ConsumeMQTT processor Thu, 21 Jan, 11:18
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