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CLOUD-NIFI.APACHE.ORG Inbox (4) | New Cloud Notification Wed, 25 Nov, 11:29
Ivan Serdyuk (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-544) CMake Error at libminifi/CMakeLists.txt: Cannot find source file: src/agent/agent_version.cpp Thu, 05 Nov, 15:41
Ivan Serdyuk (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-544) CMake Error at libminifi/CMakeLists.txt: Cannot find source file: src/agent/agent_version.cpp (FreeBSD 13.0 x86_64) Thu, 05 Nov, 15:48
Ivan Serdyuk (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-544) CMake Error at libminifi/CMakeLists.txt: Cannot find source file: src/agent/agent_version.cpp (FreeBSD 13.0 x86_64) Thu, 05 Nov, 15:49
Matt Burgess (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-422) Incorporate MiNiFi Java functionality as a specialized assembly of NiFI Mon, 16 Nov, 16:59
Matt Burgess (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-485) Allow NiFi to be run in a headless mode Mon, 16 Nov, 17:01
Matt Burgess (Jira) [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-485) Allow NiFi to be run in a headless mode Mon, 16 Nov, 17:02 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1395 - Use Identifier instead of its stringified form wherever possible Mon, 02 Nov, 11:29 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1395 - Use Identifier instead of its stringified form wherever possible Mon, 02 Nov, 11:30 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1380 - Batch behavior for MergeContent and CompressContent Tue, 10 Nov, 13:25 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1408 thrown objects should be derived from std::exception Tue, 24 Nov, 12:16 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (e013a58 -> db2d0aa) Tue, 24 Nov, 12:28 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1411 - Convert \n newline characters to <br/> tags in the docs generation Tue, 24 Nov, 12:38 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1409 Add default credential provider chain support to AWS authentication Tue, 24 Nov, 17:16 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated: MINIFICPP-1412 - Create ResouceClaim if processor fails to do so Mon, 30 Nov, 15:54 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (b723bda -> f20878a) Mon, 30 Nov, 16:25 [nifi] branch main updated (d8d9aa9 -> d773521) Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 01/07: NIFI-1121: Added API changes for having one Property depend on another Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 02/07: NIFI-1121 Show and hide properties that depend on another property. Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 03/07: NIFI-1121: Added property dependencies to MergeContent Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 04/07: NIFI-1121: Added an additional check for hidden properties to account for transitive dependent properties. - Added a 'dependent' attribute to determine whether or not to save dependent property values Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 05/07: NIFI-1121: Updated backend to perform appropriate validation. Added tests. Updated documentation writer. Updated dev guide to explain how PropertyDescriptor.Builder#dependsOn affects validation. Updated JavaDocs for PropertyDescriptor.Builder#dependsOn Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 06/07: NIFI-1121 Fixed a dependent value check error. Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] 07/07: NIFI-1121 Fix Schema Name and Schema Branch properties Tue, 03 Nov, 20:39 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7954 Wrapping HBase_*_ClientService calls in getUgi().doAs() (#4629) Mon, 09 Nov, 14:00 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7992: Periodically check disk usage for content repo to see if backpressure should be applied. Log progress in background task. Improve performance of background cleanup task by not using an ArrayList Iterator and constantly calling remove but instead wait until the end of our cleanup loop and then removed from the list all elements that should be removed in a single update Tue, 10 Nov, 20:28 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7819 - Added ZooKeeperStateProvider TLS properties. - Added tests for TLS with ZooKeeperStateProvider. - Added docs to administration guide. - Small fixes for PR comments. - Changed the ZooKeeperStateProvider to receive configuration from the file. Uses the Zookeeper TLS properties or if they are not declared, uses the standard NiFi TLS properties. - Updated administration-guide. - Fixed some boolean literalsl. Set the ZooKeeper watcher to null. Removed stacktrace prin [...] Tue, 10 Nov, 22:05 [nifi] branch main updated (d5dc63d -> a0328ff) Tue, 17 Nov, 15:23 [nifi-registry] branch main updated: NIFI-8013 Add env var to set remote repo in git persistence (#313) Tue, 17 Nov, 16:05 [nifi-registry] branch main updated: NIFIREG-431 Fix the location of the log directory in Windows (#312) Tue, 17 Nov, 16:12 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7897: Refactoring to create a new nifi-framework-components module. - Refactored nifi-stateless to make use of nifi-framework-components - Removed requirement for nifi-framework-nar to be provided. - Refactored stateless nifi into api, engine, nar, and bootstrap modules, with a parent 'bundle' module - Creation of nifi-stateless-system-tests - Added unit tests and logging - Changed flow configuration to use properties file instead of json - Allow for -p parameter to specify parameters [...] Tue, 24 Nov, 16:38 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8041: Refactored API for stateless nifi so that calling StatelessDataflow.trigger() returns an object that allows the caller to wait for the result, cancel the result, etc. and then optionally acknowledge the completion. This allows the caller to block the completion of ProcessSession.commit() until it has handled the output of the dataflow execution. Tue, 24 Nov, 20:13 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8054: Updated ReflectionUtils to use a WeakHashMap for the mapping of annotations to methods with that annotation. This way, the ReflectionUtils class will not hold a reference to Classes that are no longer referenced elsewhere. (#4694) Mon, 30 Nov, 21:14 [nifi] branch dependabot/maven/jetty.version-9.4.34.v20201102 created (now 093f9ea) Thu, 05 Nov, 23:25 [nifi] branch main updated (857eeca -> 124cdbd) Thu, 26 Nov, 06:09 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6403: Adding Elasticsearch7 support to HTTP processors Thu, 26 Nov, 06:09 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6403 and NIFI-6404: Elasticsearch 7 support Thu, 26 Nov, 06:09 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7406 Added PutAzureCosmosRecord processor for Azure Cosmos DB Tue, 03 Nov, 08:01 [nifi] branch main updated (2bf5d1a -> 932496e) Fri, 20 Nov, 19:54 [nifi] branch main updated (8b78277 -> d8d9aa9) Tue, 03 Nov, 17:22 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7959 Handling node disconnection in MonitorActivity processor - Make reporting in clustered scope to dependent of expected cluster state in order to prevent unexpected flow file emission Wed, 04 Nov, 15:10 [nifi] branch main updated (479ee6e -> 018778a) Thu, 12 Nov, 15:47 [nifi] branch main updated (8a4079c -> c57d0ab) Fri, 13 Nov, 16:25 [nifi] branch main updated (5c92537 -> 47cc286) Mon, 16 Nov, 20:17 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8024 Added null claim check to to avoid EOFException Thu, 19 Nov, 14:12 [nifi] branch main updated (dc6ba25 -> 2bf5d1a) Thu, 19 Nov, 21:01 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7958 ConvertAvroToORC - decimal support Mon, 23 Nov, 18:01 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7821 Added Cassandra-based DMC. Mon, 30 Nov, 00:02 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8047 Added support for sensitive dynamic properties in DBCP Mon, 30 Nov, 19:57 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8047 Added documentation for sensitive DBCP properties Mon, 30 Nov, 23:34 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7888 Added support for authenticating via SAML - Add dependency on spring-security-saml2-core - Updated AccessResource with new SAML end-points - Updated Login/Logout filters to handle SAML scenario - Updated logout process to track a logout request using a cookie - Added database storage for cached SAML credential and user groups - Updated proxied requests when clustered to send IDP groups in a header - Updated X509 filter to process the IDP groups from the header if present - Update [...] Wed, 18 Nov, 17:46 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7976: Infer ints in JSON when all values fit in integer type NIFI-7976: Fixed unit test Tue, 03 Nov, 20:44 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7978 - update Homebrew getting started instructions NIFI-7978 Removed a few more OS X references. Wed, 04 Nov, 12:21 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7981 - add support for enum type in avro schema Thu, 05 Nov, 23:20 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7982 Added tags to FlattenJSON processor Adding missing imports Tue, 17 Nov, 12:06 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8032: fix record-path-guide.adoc Tue, 24 Nov, 23:02 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7914 Bumped H2 dependency to 1.4.199. Bumped icu4j dependency to 60.2. Replaced jackson-mapper-asl dependency with jackson-databind. Fixed an error comparing key identities in TestKeyService. Replaced jackson-mapper-asl ObjectMapper with jackson-databind ObjectMapper in LivySessionController. Tue, 03 Nov, 10:46 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7968 Ensure the status login user is set in UserGroupInformation after creating a UGI from a Subject Thu, 05 Nov, 12:18 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7949: Add tag HCFS to HDFS Processors Thu, 05 Nov, 12:21 [nifi-registry] branch main updated: NIFIREG-429 Detect if older flyway table is already present in database, if so then set Flyway config to keep using that Mon, 09 Nov, 14:51 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7999: Do not call NioAsyncLoadBalanceClient.nodeDisconnected() if node was already in a disconnected state. Doing so was resulting in that method being called constantly on startup, and with the synchronization in place that can result in a huge performance hit on startup. Also updated RemoteQueuePartition to move a small predicate into its own method. This was done because the predicate was previously defined within a synchronized method, which meant that invoking that predicate requ [...] Thu, 12 Nov, 16:45 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7993 - Upgraded Jetty dependency and fixed a minor issue with Jetty security filter tests. Fri, 13 Nov, 12:27 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7996 Conversion with ConvertRecord to avro results in invalid date Mon, 16 Nov, 16:40 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7474 Allow index operation type to be provided for PUT Elasticsearch processors Mon, 16 Nov, 17:19 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8020 Make sure TailFile doesn't leave FileChannel open when handling NUL characters Tue, 17 Nov, 23:26 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8021: Provide the ability to pin partitions to particular hosts when using ConsumeKafka processors Wed, 18 Nov, 15:03 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8048 PutElasticsearchRecord should retry with 503 response Thu, 26 Nov, 09:50 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (ed523d4 -> e755a43) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:42 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (e755a43 -> 87fe15a) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:42 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (ed523d4 -> e755a43) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:44 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (e755a43 -> 87fe15a) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:44 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (ed523d4 -> e755a43) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:45 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch main updated (e755a43 -> 87fe15a) Wed, 11 Nov, 15:45 [nifi] branch main updated (dcc4fb0 -> 40fdcd8) Wed, 18 Nov, 20:00 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7922: Added support for GET in ListenHTTP for health check Mon, 16 Nov, 11:23 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-7989: Add UpdateHiveTable processors for data drift capability Tue, 17 Nov, 23:40 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8046: Fix issue with ResultSetRecordSet on DB2 Fri, 27 Nov, 18:25 [nifi] branch main updated: NIFI-8039 Adding properties to ListenTCP in order to allow refine behaviour under higher load; Refining thread pool for better scalability Mon, 30 Nov, 09:18
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