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Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-518) Version issue with httpcomponents Wed, 09 Oct, 02:04
Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-518) Version issue with httpcomponents Wed, 09 Oct, 02:04
Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-518) Version issue with httpcomponents Wed, 09 Oct, 02:20
Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-519) Add recommendations for antivirus exclusions to Admin guide Sat, 19 Oct, 02:44
Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-520) Migrate Docker image names to mirror those of the public repos Sat, 19 Oct, 02:58
Aldrin Piri (Jira) [jira] [Resolved] (MINIFI-519) Add recommendations for antivirus exclusions to Admin guide Sat, 19 Oct, 03:16
Andrew M. Lim (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-519) Add recommendations for antivirus exclusions to Admin guide Tue, 08 Oct, 18:27
Andrew M. Lim (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-519) Add recommendations for antivirus exclusions to Admin guide Tue, 08 Oct, 18:27
Andy LoPresto (Jira) [jira] [Comment Edited] (MINIFI-517) Dockerfile: Add /opt/minifi/minifi-current symlink Sat, 05 Oct, 03:07
Andy LoPresto (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-517) Dockerfile: Add /opt/minifi/minifi-current symlink Sat, 05 Oct, 03:07
Andy LoPresto (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-516) Override processor SSLs with parent SSL Sat, 05 Oct, 03:08
Andy LoPresto (Jira) [jira] [Assigned] (MINIFI-516) Override processor SSLs with parent SSL Wed, 09 Oct, 21:16
Andy LoPresto (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-516) Override processor SSLs with parent SSL Wed, 09 Oct, 21:17
GCHQ NiFi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-516) Override processor SSLs with parent SSL Wed, 02 Oct, 09:36
GCHQ NiFi (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-517) Dockerfile: Add /opt/minifi/minifi-current symlink Fri, 04 Oct, 09:43
GCHQ NiFi (Jira) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-516) Override processor SSLs with parent SSL Mon, 07 Oct, 09:49
James (Jira) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-518) Version issue with httpcomponents Tue, 08 Oct, 15:46 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (b95fc10 -> a3bd90f) Wed, 02 Oct, 15:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-819 - OPC Unified Architecture Support Thu, 03 Oct, 08:29 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1052 Removing extraneous example files from civetweb directory with unknown lineage/licensing terms. Mon, 07 Oct, 11:20 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1060 - Fixed performance problem. Wed, 09 Oct, 22:40 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (5850c1d -> db5d8ef) Thu, 10 Oct, 12:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1068 - Load entire certificate chain from PEM certificate file. Tue, 22 Oct, 05:44 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-1048 - Add PublishKafka docker tests Wed, 23 Oct, 14:38 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (c0efe8c -> aabcbee) Mon, 28 Oct, 17:09 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-513 Clear secret key when auto restarting in order to obtain new secret key from the MiNiFi process Tue, 01 Oct, 13:20 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-424 Restructured ConfigTransformer to accept bootstrap properties and created BootstrapTransformer to consolidate future bootstrap use cases Tue, 01 Oct, 20:59 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-508 Providing a profile, active by default, to download/use the Commons Daemon for running MiNiFi as a Windows Service. Those that wish to exclude these dependencies can use the default-assembly profile to not require external resources. Wed, 02 Oct, 16:59 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-515 Use a repository location with long lived versions for the commons-daemon Windows binary files. Wed, 02 Oct, 17:15 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6733 updating key apache commons dependencies and apache base dependency for build Tue, 08 Oct, 02:21 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated (8d26588 -> f94cffb) Wed, 09 Oct, 01:58 [nifi-minifi] 01/03: updated httpcomponents version Wed, 09 Oct, 01:58 [nifi-minifi] 02/03: updated version Wed, 09 Oct, 01:58 [nifi-minifi] 03/03: MINIFI-518 Update httpcomponents httpcore to 4.4.12 to resolve issues with those items using the SSLContextBuilder class. Wed, 09 Oct, 01:58 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-519 Added recommended antivirus exclusions section to Admin Guide Sat, 19 Oct, 02:43 [nifi-site] branch master updated: Refresh invite link for community managed Slack channel. Wed, 23 Oct, 15:00 svn commit: r1868808 - /nifi/site/trunk/mailing_lists.html Wed, 23 Oct, 15:20 [nifi-site] branch master updated: Make use of ASF shortened URL for redirecting to community slack channel invite link Fri, 25 Oct, 01:13 svn commit: r1868893 - /nifi/site/trunk/mailing_lists.html Fri, 25 Oct, 01:18 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6727 Fixed the MockProcessContext decrypt bug and added unit test. Tue, 01 Oct, 19:54 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6734: Fixed S3 multipart upload in case of SSE S3 and CSE* encryptions. Removed unnecessary code from S3 CSE* encryptions. S3 Encryption Service documentation fixes and improvements. Renamed region property of StandardS3EncryptionService to kms-region. Renamed Client-side Customer Master Key in StandardS3EncryptionService. Use Client-side Customer Key on the GUI / documentation (similar to Server-side Customer Key). Use C suffix in constants and class names (similar to SSE_C). Fixed / [...] Fri, 04 Oct, 22:57 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6741: Add RecordPath support to scripting components Sat, 05 Oct, 00:45 svn commit: r1868487 - in /nifi/site/trunk: faq.html people.html Tue, 15 Oct, 18:25 [nifi-site] branch master updated: Added FAQ entry about mailing list subscription. Tue, 15 Oct, 18:26 [nifi] branch master updated (ea1beca -> a30eb3a) Fri, 18 Oct, 20:25 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-1474 Added method to check p boundary. Added a unit test. NIFI-1474 Added unit test for constructor p boundaries. Added p boundary conditions. NIFI-1474 Updated documentation regarding p boundary. NIFI-1474 Added r validation and unit tests. Added Javadoc for new methods. Fri, 25 Oct, 21:30 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6598 Storing peers into managed-state - Fixed checkstyle errors. - Added PeerPersistence interface. - Expose RemoteProcessGroup state via REST API - Made stateManager transient. Tue, 01 Oct, 13:56 [nifi] branch master updated (8d74822 -> 2f6f852) Wed, 02 Oct, 14:56 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6736: Create thread on demand to handle incoming request from client for load balancing. This allows us to avoid situations where we don't have enough threads and we block on the server side, waiting for data, when clients are trying to send data in another connection Wed, 02 Oct, 18:29 [nifi] branch master updated (9c9f9c1 -> 02d3b7e) Thu, 03 Oct, 16:54 [nifi] branch master updated (d7ca37d -> 03473b9) Thu, 03 Oct, 20:42 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-325: support for node identity group - updated admin guide - adjusting PR / fixing issues found during review Tue, 08 Oct, 15:10 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6748: Fixed bug in Parameter Contexts' affected components where if a Controller Service referenced a Parameter, any component that references that service should also be considered an affected component but wasn't. Also fixed a bug in how we handled stopping a Processor that was in the STARTING phase. Wed, 09 Oct, 14:21 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-327 Added section on recommended antivirus exclusions to Admin Guide Wed, 09 Oct, 20:12 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6760: When writing/reading the length of a DataFrame, do so usin… (#3801) Thu, 10 Oct, 14:19 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6758: allow pre-unpacked nar's to be recorded in ExtensionMapping - fixing resource leak Thu, 10 Oct, 15:36 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6768: - Ensuring the parameter context resources are available via the /resources endpoint. Thu, 10 Oct, 15:50 [nifi] branch master updated (a273ff1 -> af81afc) Thu, 10 Oct, 19:09 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-5753 Add SSL support to HortonworksSchemaRegistry service Thu, 10 Oct, 19:09 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-5753 Make use of keyPassword optional and only used when keystore is used, bump registry client version Thu, 10 Oct, 19:09 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-336 Enable Integration Tests by Default Wed, 16 Oct, 18:31 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-329 Add build profile that tests all DBs Wed, 16 Oct, 18:51 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6703: Add Stateless NiFi to CLI NIFI-6703: Fixed extracted nar directory and marked api as experimental NIFI-6703: Moving nifi-stateless into nifi-framework NIFI-6703: Refactored to fix jetty/spring issues NIFI-6703: checkstyle fix NIFI-6703: updated to mirror traditional NiFi's bootstrap process and java11 dependency management NIFI-6703: minor changes NIFI-6703: Documentation fixes Thu, 17 Oct, 19:46 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-338: fixing version in dockerfile Fri, 18 Oct, 13:18 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-334 Changes to support Java 11 - Upgrade Groovy to 2.5.x - Setup jigsaw profile to optionally include Java 11 dependencies - Modify assembly to create lib/java11 dir - Modify RunNiFiRegistry to optionally add lib/java11 to the classpath - Modify OSUtils to correctly handle PIDs when running on Java 11 - Update assembly LICENSE to include Jakarta artifacts under EDL - Updating Travis config to include a Java 11 build Fri, 18 Oct, 14:31 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6786: - Upgrading nimbus-jose-jwt. Mon, 21 Oct, 15:42 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6797: Add support for specifying Partition via EL or RecordPath for PublishKafka(Record)_1_0 and PublishKafka(Record)_2_0 Wed, 23 Oct, 18:59 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6687: - Updating exclusions and overrides accordingly for Ranger 2.0. Wed, 23 Oct, 19:02 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6687: - Using correct NiFi Ranger Service name in unit tests. Fri, 25 Oct, 13:31 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-341 Make use of ASF shortened URL to point to community Slack invite link. Fri, 25 Oct, 13:36 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6798: When checking that referenced Controller Services are valid, use ValidationContext.getProperties() rather than ComponentNode.getSupportedPropertyDescriptors() because the latter does not include dynamic properties Fri, 25 Oct, 13:53 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: [NIFIREG-324] add hammerJS to testbed Fri, 25 Oct, 14:13 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6275 ListHDFS now ignores scheme and authority when uses "Full Path" filter mode Updated description for "Full Path" filter mode to state that it will ignore scheme and authority Added tests to TestListHDFS for listing an empty and nonexistent dirs Updated TestListHDFS' mock file system to track state properly when FileStatus instances are added, and updated listStatus to work properly with the underlying Map that contains FileStatus instances Updated ListHDFS' additional details to d [...] Wed, 02 Oct, 08:09 [nifi] branch master updated: [NIFI-6374] ConsumeEWS fails when email attachment has no content type - ensure non null content type Fri, 11 Oct, 06:10 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6703: This closes #3762. Add Stateless NiFi to CLI NIFI-6703: Fixed extracted nar directory and marked api as experimental Tue, 01 Oct, 03:42 [nifi] branch master updated (6541eac -> c2746fa) Tue, 01 Oct, 17:26 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-4573 Catch exceptions during flow content migration. Tue, 01 Oct, 17:26 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-4573 This closes #3460. Refactored logic handling flow XML encryption migration. Added unit tests. Tue, 01 Oct, 17:26 [nifi] branch master updated: Revert NIFI-6703 as it creates startup issues or logs a confusing message to the user. Details on JIRA Tue, 01 Oct, 19:51 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6749 This closes #3792. Fix Swagger for ControllerServiceReferencingComponentDTO Tue, 08 Oct, 15:48 [nifi] branch master updated (5414cd5 -> 4e8dd65) Thu, 10 Oct, 05:36 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6766: - Ensuring policy label is properly escaped when populating the user's access policy listing. This closes #3804. Thu, 10 Oct, 05:36 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6756: - Fixing issue opening a users policy listing when there is a policy for a specific parameter context. Thu, 10 Oct, 05:36 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6758 fixing checkstyle issues Thu, 10 Oct, 19:04 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-4820 This closes #3813. Improving security configuration for Kafka 2.0 processors Tue, 15 Oct, 18:06 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6750: This closes #3810. add FETCH provenance event to FetchFile Tue, 15 Oct, 18:52 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6773 This closes #3820. Adding lz4-framed option for compression/decompression NIFI-6773 Adding two unit tests for lz4-framed compression/decompression NIFI-6773 Adding compressed lz4 file for decompression test Wed, 16 Oct, 22:19 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-3834 This closes #3821. Added encrypted content repository implementation. Added skeleton implementation of EncryptedFileSystemRepository. Added new impl to META-INF registry. Added investigation comments to FileSystemRepository. Implemented RepositoryObject block and stream encryptors. Added passing unit test for encryption and decryption of multiple content writes (large buffered file) for AES-CTR encryptor. Refactored shared logic from AES CTR and G/CM encryptors to abstract parent [...] Mon, 21 Oct, 17:24 [nifi] branch NIFI-6733-RC1 created (now 4334ca4) Tue, 22 Oct, 15:00 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6733-RC1 prepare release nifi-1.10.0-RC1 Tue, 22 Oct, 15:00 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6733-RC1 prepare for next development iteration Tue, 22 Oct, 15:00 [nifi] annotated tag nifi-1.10.0-RC1 created (now ea7064e) Tue, 22 Oct, 15:00 svn commit: r36445 - /dev/nifi/nifi-1.10.0/ Tue, 22 Oct, 15:31 [nifi] annotated tag nifi-1.10.0-RC1 deleted (was ea7064e) Tue, 22 Oct, 15:33 [nifi] annotated tag nifi-1.10.0-RC1 created (now 9a0a812) Tue, 22 Oct, 15:50 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6812: This closes #3847 - Establishing the L&N for the azure-services-api-nar. Fri, 25 Oct, 17:31 [nifi] branch NIFI-6733-RC2 created (now 5e15135) Sun, 27 Oct, 13:31 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6733-RC2 prepare release nifi-1.10.0-RC2 Sun, 27 Oct, 13:31 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6733-RC2 prepare for next development iteration Sun, 27 Oct, 13:31 [nifi] annotated tag nifi-1.10.0-RC2 created (now 35a4a91) Sun, 27 Oct, 13:31
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