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Aldrin Piri (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-499) Evaluate dependency sources Fri, 07 Jun, 18:20
Aldrin Piri (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-501) Allow specification of an SSL Context/properties outside of the config.yml Wed, 19 Jun, 18:45
Arpad Boda (JIRA) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Mon, 17 Jun, 12:30
Bikarm Rout (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Mon, 17 Jun, 11:19
Bikarm Rout (JIRA) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Mon, 17 Jun, 13:45
Bikarm Rout (JIRA) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Mon, 17 Jun, 13:45
Bikarm Rout (JIRA) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Mon, 17 Jun, 13:51
Bikarm Rout (JIRA) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Wed, 19 Jun, 06:30
Jeff Zemerick (JIRA) [jira] [Created] (MINIFI-502) Update the Windows commons daemon download URL Mon, 24 Jun, 19:09
Jeff Zemerick (JIRA) [jira] [Commented] (MINIFI-502) Update the Windows commons daemon download URL Mon, 24 Jun, 19:11
Joseph Witt (JIRA) [jira] [Updated] (MINIFI-500) How to send the data from MiNiFi to NiFi Wed, 19 Jun, 14:12 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-935 - Remove _stat to stat defines Thu, 27 Jun, 16:45 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-923: remove librdkafka, and deal with some bugs Fri, 14 Jun, 20:32 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-503 and MINIFICPP-507 ( Partial ): Remove compression downloads to module Tue, 25 Jun, 15:23 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6350 Fixed misleading flow controller startup error message. Thu, 06 Jun, 02:25 [nifi-minifi] branch master updated: MINIFI-499: * Changed URLs for repositories, project description, and mailing lists to use HTTPS. * Changed URLs for XMLNS schema locations to use HTTPS (the XMLNS and schema identifier remain http:// because they are not designed to be resolvable). * Fixed Maven XML schema descriptor URLs. MINIFI-499 Updated additional URLs to HTTPS in NOTICE files, README files, pom.xml files, and Spring XML files. MINIFI-499 Removed references to Jasypt from pom.xml and NOTICE & README files as it is no [...] Tue, 11 Jun, 00:44 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6301 - Added a SafeXMLConfiguration which disables XML DTDs which may call external entities. NIFI-6301 - Fixed unit test. Added comments. NIFI-6301 - Removed unused rule from test. NIFI-6301 - Changed read() methods to use a boolean instead. Updated comments. NIFI-6301 - Fixing checkstyle errors. NIFI-6301 - Added an XXE Validator to do a simple regex check on files that contain XXE declarations. Added unit tests and related XML test files. NIFI-6301 - Forgot license headers. Fixed a [...] Wed, 12 Jun, 23:41 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-280 Updating various URLs to https where applicable NIFIREG-280 Removed additional HTTP URLs. Fri, 14 Jun, 00:56 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5973 Adds ShellUserGroupProvider. NIFI-5973 More comments and better defaults for the shell provider. NIFI-5973 Fixed bug where user was being retrieved by identifier when identity was provided. NIFI-5973 Fixed a formatting string in the OS X shell commands. Updated testing conditions to run IT in OS X environment. Changed unit test to provide identity rather than identifier. Fri, 21 Jun, 00:12 svn commit: r1862082 - /nifi/site/trunk/release-guide.html Tue, 25 Jun, 18:26 [nifi-site] branch master updated: Fixed typos in Release Guide. Tue, 25 Jun, 18:26 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6341: Addressed bug that can result in a deadlock if Thread 1 adds a Controller Service to a Process Group (which obtains group's write lock and AbstractComponent's Lock) while at the same time Thread 2 attempts to peform validation on the service (which obtains Controller Service's write lock, then AbstractComponent's Lock) Tue, 04 Jun, 13:55 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6348: Added Custom ORDER BY Column property to GenerateTableFetch NIFI-6348: Fixed doc Wed, 05 Jun, 14:00 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6339: Only call @OnConfigurationRestored method on components when they are created if FlowController has been initialized Wed, 12 Jun, 14:56 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6353: If LoadBalanceSession determines remote node's queue is full, mark session complete and penalize the Partition, rather than just penalizing the session. This allows the client to move on to another session, which avoids an issue where backpressure on one queue can prevent data from being transferred between nodes in another queue Wed, 12 Jun, 15:32 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-206 Support anonymous access to public resources - Enabled anonymous user filter in all modes - Added supportsLogin flag to CurrentUser - Moved proxy authorization into FrameworkAuthorizer - Added public read flag to bucket table and updated services - Added logic for public buckets into framework authorizer and authorization service - Added unit tests for FrameworkAuthorizer - Updated front-end to display login link and allow anonymous user to reach login page - Added close button [...] Fri, 14 Jun, 19:20 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6164 - Added CLI commands related to NiFi Registry extension bun… (#3492) Mon, 17 Jun, 12:22 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-276 Updating StandardFlowComparator to consider concurrent tasks changes on public ports Mon, 03 Jun, 02:20 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6315 Ensuring remote ports get tracked correctly when saving/retrieving versioned flows Mon, 03 Jun, 02:25 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6218 Support setting in PublishKafka/PublishKafkaRecord Fri, 07 Jun, 08:57 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6319 Update User Guide for RPG/S2S chnages for multiple URLs, batch settings and remote input/output ports Mon, 10 Jun, 05:19 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6349 Fix to MergeRecords when handling fragments over multiple iterations Mon, 10 Jun, 05:33 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6361: Add fix to PutFile processor Mon, 10 Jun, 06:48 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6370: Allow multiple SQL statements in PutDatabaseRecord Wed, 12 Jun, 01:32 [nifi] branch master updated: Renew my key. Wed, 12 Jun, 06:09 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6243 Add Support for AtomicDistributedCache to the HBase 1.x and 2.x Map Cache Services Wed, 12 Jun, 06:32 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6362 - Upgraded to 8.18. Made small checkstyle changes to nifi-kafka. Mon, 17 Jun, 08:19 [nifi] branch master updated (1d560e2 -> e7aac04) Wed, 19 Jun, 17:02 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6330 - This closes #3534.Updated Jetty version to 9.4.18.v20190429 Wed, 19 Jun, 17:02 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6372 - This closes #3532. Upgrading jackson-databind version to 2.9.9. Wed, 19 Jun, 17:02 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-212 Separating proxy into Read, Write, and Delete so some proxies can be set to read-only Thu, 06 Jun, 14:25 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-275 Making FlowComparator compare PGs when both have no coordinates, or when they both have coordinates and are different Thu, 06 Jun, 14:45 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6352: Add ability to report all component metrics to Prometheus Fri, 07 Jun, 20:31 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-282 Fixing AccessResource createAccessTokenByTryingAllProviders to use correct provider reference Thu, 13 Jun, 20:52 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-283 Fixing JerseyExtensionClient to use bundleType.toString() Fri, 14 Jun, 13:19 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6182: Updated dependency on Lucene to Lucene 8.0.0. Updated code necessary to use the new API. Updated WriteAheadProvenanceRepository so that upon startup if provenance indexes are written using the old Lucene format, , they are considered 'defunct' and the events are re-indexed in a background thread into a new index that uses the Lucene 8 format and the old index is then removed. Added Provenance Repository that consists of about 30 events and added integration test to ensure that t [...] Tue, 11 Jun, 13:46 [nifi] branch master updated (2102d8a -> c456b30) Thu, 13 Jun, 15:34 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-6322: Introduced EvaluationContext to store state while making evaluator tree reusable Thu, 13 Jun, 15:34 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-6322: Renamed EvaluationContext to EvaluatorState; added javadocs Thu, 13 Jun, 15:34 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6322: This closes #3518. Thu, 13 Jun, 15:36 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5916 Added an option to enable empty flowfiles to be sent if there are no results from a query. Sat, 01 Jun, 15:28 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5902 Added GeoEnrichIPRecord. NIFI-5902 Updated GeoEnrichIPRecord with more error handling. Wed, 12 Jun, 19:27 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5373 Created new module nifi-metrics In nifi-metrics, added build-helper-maven-plugin to enable groovy tests to run, since there are no java tests or src/test/java path in the module Replaced yammer/dropwizard's VirtualMachineMetrics usage in multiple modules with JvmMetrics interface and JmxJvmMetrics implementation in nifi-metrics Updated nifi-datadog-reporting-task to use nifi-metrics:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT Updated nifi-scripting-bundle to use nifi-metrics:1.10.0-SNAPSHOT Updated Scripted [...] Wed, 19 Jun, 19:55 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6228 Fixed order of operations bug that prevented SSLContext from being handled correctly. Thu, 20 Jun, 16:46 [nifi] branch master updated (c352c2c -> 82f177c) Thu, 20 Jun, 17:44 [nifi] 01/02: NIFI-5537 Create Neo4J cypher execution processor Thu, 20 Jun, 17:44 [nifi] 02/02: NIFI-5537 Refactored to be named Cypher Bundle instead. NIFI-5537 Added skeletons of services, apis, etc. NIFI-5537 Renamed classes to reflect that they are for cypher and not neo4j specific NIFI-5537 Added start of client API for doing streaming execution. NIFI-5537 Completed refactor of unit and integration tests. NIFI-5537 Added OpenCypherClientService. NIFI-5537 Updated to gremlin-core 3.3.5 to get better SSL configuration options. NIFI-5537 Added SSL support to OpenCypher client servi [...] Thu, 20 Jun, 17:44 [nifi] branch master updated: Revert "NIFI-6244: Provide default ORDER BY clause in MSSQL adapters" Tue, 04 Jun, 13:02 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6261] Create a mixin to leverage the theme color in the .td-data-table-cell classes. Fri, 07 Jun, 16:53 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6300] gzip compress assets Fri, 07 Jun, 17:02 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6358] update button group toggle focus overlay hover style Fri, 07 Jun, 17:07 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6357] update snackbar icon location Fri, 07 Jun, 17:12 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-5295] display fds version in demo app Fri, 07 Jun, 17:22 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6263] theme links style color [NIFI-6263] update typography demo documentation Fri, 07 Jun, 17:29 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6328 Allowing force-commit when in LOCALLY_MODIFIED_AND_STALE state NIFI-6328 Addressing review feedback NIFI-6328 Additional validation on action Thu, 13 Jun, 14:45 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-287: For Flow Difference objects of type PROPERTY_MODIFIED, PROPERTY_ADDED, PROPERTY_REMOVED, include the name of hte property as the fieldName. Tue, 25 Jun, 17:51 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-6360 Updated Mockito to 2.28.2, PowerMock to 2.0.2 Fixed test failures in nifi-couchbase-processors, BinaryDocument matcher replaced with ByteArrayDocument Fixed test failures in nifi-riemann-processors, anyInt() matcher replaced with anyLong() matcher, calling method passes a long, not int Removed unnecessary method mocks from nifi-toolkit-tls tests, TlsCertificateAuthorityServiceHandlerTest and TlsCertificateSigningRequestPerformerTest, since those were flagged by Mockito as unneces [...] Mon, 17 Jun, 16:21 [nifi] branch master updated: NIFI-5537 Updated Jackson to latest version. Thu, 20 Jun, 23:11 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: minificpp-873 Implemented. Mon, 03 Jun, 18:01 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (969ae92 -> 7c8fe0f) Wed, 05 Jun, 11:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 01/03: MINIFICPP-908 - Fix some logging issues Wed, 05 Jun, 11:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 02/03: MINIFICPP-715 - RawSiteToSite: initiateResourceNegotiation functions returns success in case of uknown protocol Wed, 05 Jun, 11:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 03/03: MINIFICPP-909: Pass version number through CMAKE Wed, 05 Jun, 11:07 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: minificpp-773 Implemented Text rendering. Fri, 07 Jun, 18:17 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch MINIFICPP-913 created (now 1e3d87a) Sun, 09 Jun, 01:39 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: Important documentation update Sun, 09 Jun, 01:41 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-902: Attempt improved caching with travis Mon, 10 Jun, 13:39 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-914: Incur wait while awaiting minifi shutdown during restart Tue, 11 Jun, 17:33 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-913: Add configuration item Tue, 11 Jun, 23:21 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated (a88fc76 -> dedeeff) Thu, 13 Jun, 01:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 01/03: MINIFICPP-911 - Added ListSFTP and FetchSFTP processors Thu, 13 Jun, 01:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 02/03: MINIFICPP-917 Update TensorFlow extension to the latest minifi-cpp CMake best practices Thu, 13 Jun, 01:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] 03/03: MINIFICPP-918 Update TensorFlow processors to use property builder Thu, 13 Jun, 01:37 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-919 - Site2Site transaction CRC checksum randomly fails to match on Windows Sun, 16 Jun, 11:04 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-621 Add initial tailfile nanofi example Mon, 24 Jun, 12:49 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-30: Add support for regex with Multiple file mode Mon, 24 Jun, 19:28 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-910 - Extend StringUtils with string join capability Mon, 24 Jun, 20:39 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-933: Fix raw site to site with secure comms Wed, 26 Jun, 16:04 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-936: Add canonical name check back into processor utils Wed, 26 Jun, 23:20 [nifi-minifi-cpp] branch master updated: MINIFICPP-939: Install deps up front on certian systems. Change centos LIBDIR as the version change of cmake enforced a different dir Fri, 28 Jun, 18:19 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-261 - mot logve build-related files from src/main/frontend to src/main Tue, 04 Jun, 20:18 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-277 - Allow for consistent angular template/templateUrl inclusion between JS and TS. Wed, 05 Jun, 13:18 [nifi-registry] branch master updated: NIFIREG-278 - Update jQuery and other dependencies Wed, 05 Jun, 13:49 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: NIFI-6351 - Allow for consistent angular template/templateUrl inclusion between JS and TS Wed, 05 Jun, 18:10 [nifi-fds] branch master updated (94d7eff -> 1fa23e6) Thu, 06 Jun, 03:06 [nifi-fds] 01/02: [NIFI-6291] Exposing font paths as variables in SCSS. Thu, 06 Jun, 03:06 [nifi-fds] 02/02: [NIFI-6291] Updating README about SCSS font files path configuration. Thu, 06 Jun, 03:06 [nifi-fds] branch master updated: [NIFI-6321] Update project dependencies. Thu, 06 Jun, 15:52 [nifi-fds] branch master updated (605e950 -> 8c3cefe) Fri, 07 Jun, 20:29 [nifi-fds] 01/02: NIFI-6249 - simplify usage for es6 applications Fri, 07 Jun, 20:29
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