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From Peter Toye <>
Subject Re: Javadoc popup works, but "Show Javadoc" does not.
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:38:10 GMT
Dear Thomas,

I have a similar problem, but with the Oracle JDK. I specify the Javadoc index as

Also using NB 11.1 on Windows. Maybe Alt-F1 is broken in 11.1??

Best regards,


Monday, July 29, 2019, 7:45:33 AM, you wrote:

> Using NetBeans 11.1 on Windows.

> I have a strange behaviour with displaying
> Javadoc help for methods from the JDK.

> The code completion (Ctrl-Space) displays the
> little Javadoc popup and so does the JavaDoc
> window (Window -> IDE Tools -> JavaDoc
> Documentation) when I open it.

> But Alt-F1 ("Show Javadoc") for that exact same
> method (where the Javadoc popup is displayed)
> only gives an "Cannot perform Show Javadoc here"
> message in the status line.

> Shift-F1 ("Search Javadoc") also finds the
> relevant entry, and doubleclicking on it opens
> the default browser with the JDK documentation.

> This is with a Maven project using OpenJDK 11
> with self generated JavaDocs.

> It seems that "Alt-F1" (or choosing "Show
> Javadoc" from the context menu in the editor)
> uses a different way to find the Javadoc than all the other methods.

> Is it possible that my self-generated Javadoc
> is missing something that "Show Javadoc" needs,
> but the other methods don't?

> This is how I generate the Javadoc index from the source of OpenJDK:

>   javadoc -quiet -d docs -Xdoclint:none
> --expand-requires all --module-source-path src --module

> Do I need to specify a different "starting
> module"? Or is there a better way to generate
> the Javadoc for OpenJDK?

> The usual panacea "start with a clean userdir" did not change this.

> Thomas

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