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From Geertjan Wielenga <>
Subject Re: Netbeans 11.0-vc4 with a Java EE project (Dataverse)
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2019 16:44:05 GMT
Here's part of a response, i.e., re the black hole and transparency:


On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 4:19 PM Philip Durbin <>

> Hi! I just filled out the survey (late, please give us more notice next
> time) and I have a little feedback that I'd like to share here for a couple
> reasons:
> - From my perspective, the survey goes into a black hole. If there is any
> transparency about what responses have been recorded so far, I don't know
> where to find them. If they're available, I'm interested in them.
> - The survey didn't allow me to enter any comments. It's all multiple
> choice. I have more I would have said in the survey. But maybe that's what
> mailing lists are for. :)
> So here we go.
> I've been feeling "stuck" on Oracle NetBeans 8.2 for a long time because
> of the lack of Java EE support in Apache NetBeans. The guy at the desk to
> me got our Java EE project (Dataverse) working in NetBeans 9 but I didn't
> have such a good time with NetBeans 10.
> I'm thrilled to say that this morning I got NetBeans 11 working with our
> Java EE project. I'm no longer stuck on 8.2. THANK YOU!
> However, not all is well. Being open source, we try to onboard as many new
> contributors as possible to our project and if you follow our dev guide as
> it appears now (4.11 for my reference), your first experience with NetBeans
> 11 and our project is that it says "(broken)" next to the project name in
> the Projects tab. (Screenshot attached.) If you right-click the project and
> click "Resolve Problems", this is the error you see:
> Feature FeatureInfo[java] is incomplete: some module(s) are missing:
> org\.netbeans\.libs\.javafx\.(linux|win|macosx)
> We don't use JavaFX in our project so it's a very strange error.
> Next I clicked "Help" and then "Online Docs and Support". These show docs
> for NetBeans 10 with no mention that I could find of what Java EE
> developers are suppose to do. If there are new docs for NetBeans 11 that
> you'd like us to look at before you release, please let us know.
> From previous attempts to get our project running on anything newer than
> NetBeans 8.2 I knew that I should check out which plugins are installed and
> enabled. I don't expect our contributors to know this so I just made a pull
> request to improve our dev guide to explain how to go from "broken" to a
> Java EE project.
> After activating "Java Web and EE", there is no green checkmark in the
> Active column. Some new menu items appear but "clean and build" still isn't
> available. I restarted NetBeans and explain this step in my pull request:
> In case it helps, I'm on Mac OS X 10.14.3.
> In my pull request I didn't document how to launch NetBeans but maybe I
> should since a lot of our contributors are new developers, sometimes
> college students, who may not be very familiar with the command line. I
> doubt anyone here needs this (and you probably have better ways) but I'll
> include my little script below since it's on my mind:
> #!/bin/sh
> VERSION='11.0-vc4'
> BIN="$HOME/java/netbeans/$VERSION/netbeans/bin/netbeans"
> echo "Launching Netbeans from $BIN"
> $BIN &
> I guess the other thing I'll mention is that my pull request also includes
> the workaround to get the Netbeans Connector Chrome Extension working.
> Finally, I've already given a little feedback on the survey itself, about
> how I was confused that you don't let your participants type anything
> (multiple choice only) but I'm new to your process. The other specific
> thing is that I would have appreciate an "I don't know" option for the
> question about performance of NetBeans 10 vs 11.
> Thanks for reading all this! I hope it's helpful! Again, I really
> appreciate that Java EE support has been restored and that I'm no longer
> feeling held back on old versions of Oracle NetBeans. Thank you!
> Phil
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> Philip Durbin
> Software Developer for
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