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From tomek prezes <>
Subject [java] "Test file" not works for testng test suites xml
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2019 20:32:52 GMT
Hi all

Can you please explain me if i'm doing something wrong or is it a bug 
and i'm taling about testng test suite xml file.

Whenever i create testng class and couple of @Test methods and i want to 
test such class, i'm choosing option "Test file"  either from context 
menu or by pressing Ctrl+F6 on active java class. (screenshot: 
testFileJava.png) and it works fine (it run tests only for methods which 
are inside given class, but...

Whenver i create testNG test suite xml file and to try to "Test File" 
such xml test suite it just simply not execute/not recognize/not parse 
this xml file and it not executes such test suite (attachment: 
TestNgSpecificTestSuite.png, TestNgSpecificTestSuite.log) on the log 
file you can see that some other classes are running, not the ones 
declared on xml test suite...

am i doing something wrong or is it the netbeans who's not handling 
specific test suite files properly  (maybe some problem with executing 
specific testng xml test suites...)

Btw: explicitly declaring <suiteXmlFile> in surefire plugin and running 
it from maven command, e.g. mvn clean install works fine and executes 
specific test suite, declared on surefire plugin configuration.

Any ideas, what's happening with this? :)

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