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From Brenden Towey <>
Subject Minor NetBeans 11 issues
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2019 22:16:26 GMT
Hi folks, I'm trying out NetBeans 11 VC for the first time. These are 
just some notes I'm making about various things I saw as issues.

- First install, unpack zip file, Windows Defender doesn't want let me 
run "netbeans64.exe", says publisher unknown.  I can choose "More Info" 
and then Run Anyway.

- First program start up, importing preferences from NB 10 is smooth.  I 
notice my fontsize in 11 is way too small, might be nice to add an 
option to also import --fontsize from netbeans.conf.

- "Alt-Enter" to show hints in the editor didn't work for me in NB10, 
and it doesn't work in NB11.  Example: add "implements Runnable" to a 
random class, and try to use Alt-Enter to show the menu.  Nothing 
happens when I press alt-enter, no pop-up appears. (Clicking on the 
light bulb that appears in the left margin does work however.)

-Dracula skin still only colors the editor, not the entire IDE.

OK, that's what I've found so far.  Good luck all.

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