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From John Lavelle <>
Subject Chrome with NetBeans Connector Error
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 14:00:24 GMT

I've started to get an error when using Chrome with the NetBeans Connector.
The error is:

*Browser refused to debug this tab.*
*Close Chrome Developer Tools (or any other browser debugger) and try

To replicate:

Create an HTML page and use Chrome with NetBeans Connector in the project
properties. Press F6 (or run the page) and the error occurs.

I've tried this on the following NetBeans and get the same error:

   - 8.2 for Windows
   - 9.0 for Windows
   - 8.2 for Linux (Mint)
   - 9.0 for Linux (Mint)
   - 9.0 for Linux (Mint) with Chromium (clean install with default install

I'm about to try it on Ubuntu 18.04 but I suspect the same error will be

I have CDT (Chrome Developer Tools) switched off as suggested and, just in
case, switched on as well. There is no difference.

I'm of the opinion, though have no proof, that this could be a Chrome issue.

Can anyone else replicate it?
Does anyone know of a work-round or fix (other than not using NetBeans

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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