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From Geertjan Wielenga <>
Subject Re: NetBeans, JavaFX and Java11
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 13:30:28 GMT
JavaF is not in JDK 11. Nothing that NetBeans can do about that.

Can you watch these two YouTube screencasts that should help you:


On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 6:27 AM Paul Szudzik <>

>      I’ve been a developer for more than 50 years, yes, I am an old “Salt”
> here past his prime possibly, but still actively coding.
>     To me, the IDE is the gateway to this world, and I embraced NetBeans
> IDE long, long time ago, starting with it’s Beta, to give me tools that I
> need to get the job done. And NetBeans filled that breach over the
> decades.  But now, it seems that all I can run into is roadblocks that are
> preventing me from getting my jobs done.
>     I updated my Linux machine with NetBeans 9, and made the unfortunate
> mistake of selecting the JDK 11 because of some constraints in a module I
> required to support.  I was taken back to find that JavaFX integration has
> been taken out  In fact, I felt humiliated yesterday trying to figure out
> how to get JavaFX back into the system, and still use JDK 11 on Linux.
>     I failed... The searches on line provided a bit here and a bit there,
> but the bottom line was that I can no longer debug on NetBeans IDE, even my
> compiles aren’t working, and all I see is a lot of red on all my module
> sources...  I tried adding the JavaFX SDK to my module paths, but still
> stymied.
>     So........  here is the question..
>     Why is this so darn hard for the developers.. This should be a Plugin
> option, I click on in NetBeans to get my IDE working ..  Developers should
> be able to load the tool, and use it. Do you realize how much money,
> dollars, euros, whatever, is being wasted trying to get this stuff to work
> on an update?  I know the Open Source community feels the pain. I know the
> communities job is hard because they do support all these other things..
> Maven, Gradle, PHP, Ruby ...the list goes on.  We use the IDE because it
> can do the job.. not be an impediment..  I’ll admit I am not as sharp as I
> was a decade or two ago, but I still have better things to work on than
> trying to figure out how to get my IDE back alive. ( It is, as far as I am
> concerned... dead in the water right now. )
>     Not sure what I am asking for, perhaps better Primary Language
> integration, I saw tons of posts about JavaFX as being the possible GUI
> someday, so this is along those lines.  Sorry.. very frustrated.

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