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From Geertjan Wielenga <>
Subject Re: History of one bug, or what is the attitude of NB devs
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2018 08:21:29 GMT
On behalf of everyone, I apologize, and we REALLY need you. :-) People
willing to spend time in this community are absolute stars and critical to
the continued success of the project. We're all on the same page here and
hope you'll stay on it because the story is far from over. (Phew, managed
to sustain that metaphor.)


On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 10:18 AM Tom Arilla <> wrote:

> Neil,
> I was trying to help. I found out numerous threads concerning very
> diferent IDEs, with a lot of people for which it was an important problem.
> The tone was not always the best when I was talking about the tone used by
> Netbeans devs towards their users, but I said that I was sorry for this.
> Does not matter, you just keep calling me a troll etc. You who raise points
> like that it can be important for Intellij but not for Netbeans when we are
> talking about basic, IDE-independent editor behavior etc.
> I will check if you are an influential Netbeans developer and if yes, I
> will migrate as soon as possible, because I do not want to use an IDE made
> by people with an aggressive and probably very biased attitude towards me.
> Not that I care personally, but for practical reasons like a general help
> and bug fixes.
> I would like to thank GJ and Rdiez for their help, insightful remarks and
> a positive tone. I am not willing to continue this thread, thank you.
> Le mer. 17 oct. 2018 à 12:29, Neil C Smith <> a
> écrit :
>> On Wed, 17 Oct 2018 at 11:00, R. Diez <>
>> wrote:
>> > I cannot remember that he said this was an essential issue.
>> Well, he did.
>> > I only stepped in because I do not like the way the original poster was
>> been treated.
>> And I only stepped in because I did not like how people who are
>> volunteering their time to this project were being treated! ;-)  Let's
>> keep it civil and constructive, we can all hopefully agree on that ..
>> .. the bit that interests me is this.
>> > But anyway, now that the project is under Apache, I would find it
>> interesting to know how the project actually prioritises issues at the
>> moment. Is there a "board of prioritisers", and who sits there?
>> If there is, you're on it!
>> > The Ubuntu Launchpad platform has a "this bug affects me too" button.
>> Bugs with many users get a flame icon. That gives you an indication whether
>> many people are affected.
>> As a long term Ubuntu user I'm aware of this (and unfortunately how
>> often it also gets ignored! :-) ) but from a UI point of view it's
>> better.  Both the old and new issue trackers have a voting link, but
>> do users use them, does the project really take account of them, etc.
>> etc.?  Very few people voted on the issue that kicked off this thread
>> for example.  But why?  Either it wasn't important, or people missed
>> the ability to vote on it, or assumed that wasn't useful?  eg. did you
>> not see the issue, or did you choose not to vote on it?
>> So, yes, from a web / infra point of view, improving signposting and
>> visibility of "this affects me too" might be a good thing to work on.
>> Best wishes,
>> Neil

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