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From John McDonnell <>
Subject Re: History of one bug, or what is the attitude of NB devs
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:39:39 GMT
Hi Tom

I can't speak for all devs, hell I've only done a few minor changes here
and there. But the things my changes had in common were that they were
filed as defects/enhancements and as I was one who cared about it I went
out of my way to invest time into resolving them. That's the great benefit
we have with NetBeans in Apache right now. The old way is gone if you have
an issue bring it up in the mailing lists (I'd argue this isn't the best
way to bring it up but it's done now). Move the issue to the Apache JIRA
and let's get people on both the users and Dev mailing list to discuss and
vote on it and then maybe someone can take a look.  I don't argee with how
it was handle previously while it might be intentional it seemed users
wanted the ability to disable this functionality. If that desire is still
there then someone might have the time to look at it.

Everyone working on NetBeans right now is doing it in their own time. And
some of the migration effort is still ongoing. Let's be constructive and
let's find out which issues are affecting most people and help prioritize



On Thu 11 Oct 2018, 14:12 Tom Arilla, <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a longtime user of Netbeans and a submitted of many bugs. I see how
> practically none of them is ever resolved, so that I do not submit any bug
> report any more.
> I am wondering now (as probably many other users, given Netbeans'
> declining popularity) if to leave, given the (increasing?) number of
> problems with the IDE. Please help me and explain the history of one of the
> many bugs, and why it is like that. Possibly it is a representative of the
> current ecosystem around the development of the IDE.
> It is here and it
> has 8 years. It is about adding a ridiculously easy option. And about an
> option which was there, I but one dev representative who commented
> This behaviour is intentional. I am sorry you hate it but there are users who love it.
There is no plan to change it.
> had probably no idea that an option to disable this "behaviour" was
> already there, several lines of code which were either removed or are no
> more functional. I would check it again, but I do not care any more. Few
> lines, which I would resubmit as a patch, but when I see a dev answer like
> that above, or how I was once ridiculed when I asked about this bug on the
> non-existing forum (something about the lines of not fixing it in order to
> show who rules here), I do not care any more. Someone reopened that bug two
> years ago, but probably no dev cares any more.
> IntelliJ is somewhat plagued with bugs, but when I browse discussion
> forums of IntelliJ, there is something encouraging in all that energy of
> *helping* the users, of *caring* about them. And we talk about adding few
> lines of a ridiculously easy code. Which does not even increase the
> complexity of the UI. Guess which will be my next IDE.

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