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From "Paul Szudzik" <>
Subject NetBeans, JavaFX and Java11
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 13:26:51 GMT

     I’ve been a developer for more than 50 years, yes, I am an old “Salt” here past
his prime possibly, but still actively coding.

    To me, the IDE is the gateway to this world, and I embraced NetBeans IDE long, long time
ago, starting with it’s Beta, to give me tools that I need to get the job done. And NetBeans
filled that breach over the decades.  But now, it seems that all I can run into is roadblocks
that are preventing me from getting my jobs done.  

    I updated my Linux machine with NetBeans 9, and made the unfortunate mistake of selecting
the JDK 11 because of some constraints in a module I required to support.  I was taken back
to find that JavaFX integration has been taken out  In fact, I felt humiliated yesterday trying
to figure out how to get JavaFX back into the system, and still use JDK 11 on Linux.

    I failed... The searches on line provided a bit here and a bit there, but the bottom line
was that I can no longer debug on NetBeans IDE, even my compiles aren’t working, and all
I see is a lot of red on all my module sources...  I tried adding the JavaFX SDK to my module
paths, but still stymied.

    So........  here is the question..

    Why is this so darn hard for the developers.. This should be a Plugin option, I click
on in NetBeans to get my IDE working ..  Developers should be able to load the tool, and use
it. Do you realize how much money, dollars, euros, whatever, is being wasted trying to get
this stuff to work on an update?  I know the Open Source community feels the pain. I know
the communities job is hard because they do support all these other things.. Maven, Gradle,
PHP, Ruby ...the list goes on.  We use the IDE because it can do the job.. not be an impediment..
 I’ll admit I am not as sharp as I was a decade or two ago, but I still have better things
to work on than trying to figure out how to get my IDE back alive. ( It is, as far as I am
concerned... dead in the water right now. ) 

    Not sure what I am asking for, perhaps better Primary Language integration, I saw tons
of posts about JavaFX as being the possible GUI someday, so this is along those lines.  Sorry..
very frustrated.

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