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From "秋天的虫子" <>
Subject netbeans yield problem
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2018 04:02:56 GMT
Dear NetBeans team,
      I'm a loyal user of netbeans. I'm glad to see the recent changes in netbeans. Its support
for PHP has become more and more friendly. Now it's starting to support PHP 7.3. It's really
exciting news, but so far, NetBeans seems to have no solution from PHP 5.5 to now. A PHP YIELD
grammar-related BUG. When YIELD is added before a PHP statement, NetBeans will prompt for
grammatical errors, but there are no grammatical errors on other IDEs (such as PHPSTORM).
I hope the NetBeans team can solve this problem. This will help NetBeans expand their usage
in the PHP camp. I hope the NetBeans team can repair this error in the future version, and
I hope NetBeans will have a better future.
                                                                         A faithful user of
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