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Subject Re: Some of my thought regarding NetCAT 10
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2018 08:35:56 GMT
Hello Jiri, hello Alexander,

here are my thoughts.

> 1. Tickets in strange state
> The luxury of dedicated people paid by Sun/Oracle to pay attention to 
> bugs, develop features, respond to e-mails and the like are gone. With 
> the same argument statement "...the dev team cannot address each 
> issue..." makes no sense because there is no dev team. The dev team is 
> you. 

I am afraid I support Alexander here. I bet there are people who have no idea how to code
using Java, yet still use NetBeans (e.g. PHP, HTML, C/C++).

> Complaining about issues being ignored equals showing own 
> misunderstanding how open source software development works. Good news 
> is that you can filter the issues reported in October, trying to 
> reproduce them one by one, adding your investigations and setting their 
> status and/or priorities correctly. When do you plan to do that?

I also got impression (from what I have read on pages dedicated to the process) that we should
focus on testing only.

But, at the same time, I agree with you, Jiri. If there are no dedicated developers anymore
(I mean, people who are actually paid for developing NetBeans), then, solving issues lays
on volunteers and I won't raise this kind of objections (not tackling the issues in Jira).
Simply, the landscape of NetBeans has changed and I need to adapt to it.
> 2. Tribe leaders are useless
> I am afraid I disagree. True tribe leaders are precious asset for 
> NetCAT. They simply act as managers, communicating with their tribe 
> members, finding their strengths/weaknesses, then distributing the work 
> load, periodically checking the status/progress, reminding about 
> incomplete tasks, triaging issues, escalating the most serious ones to 
> the NetCAT program coordinators, organizing meetups, etc. If these do 
> not exist, everything falls on plates of NetCAT program coordinators 
> which are obviously overloaded which leaves NetCAT participants with 
> impression of chaos, ignorance or frustration.

OK, maybe it's still happening, maybe all these activities are still taking place, but, to
be honest, I haven't seen that this time that much.

I remember older editions of NetCAT, with weekly reports summarizing activities, providing
information to whole team, so it knew where it was standing at any, given, time. So, this
time, I thought that NetCAT was targeted more towards solo players who want to decide for
themselves how to update docs, what to choose for testing, etc. Which, in fact, suits me better


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