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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject Re: [vcs] NetCAT 10
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 16:21:36 GMT
[Sending from gmail as KolabNow is down... again.]

On 10/22/2018 09:53 PM, Leo Donahue wrote:

   1. Are there still tribe leaders like in NetCAT 9?
      - All of the recent emails about not being done would have come from
      tribe leaders before.

There just wasn't enough time to go through the process of selecting
tribe leaders this time; I myself only volunteered to help coordinate
NetCAT at the last minute. NetBeans is on a shorter release schedule
now, and we have fewer people in NetCAT than we used to. I believe there
were well over 100 for earlier releases (I'm a veteran of 18 NetCATs).

      4. What constitutes a test spec review?  In other words, aside from
   my input, who else makes decisions on the contents of the test specs?

I've always felt that NetBeans devs should be writing and maintaining
the test specs; otherwise it's sort of like the lunatics running the
asylum :)  But that can be a time-consuming process. Bottom line, we're
all volunteers now and we have to maintain the test specs ourselves.
Questions about features and expected behavior can always be asked on
the dev list. This is one of the areas where I think NetCAT can improve,
and suggestions are of course welcome.

   - Where do I provide feedback on the VCS Subversion test specs?
      - Does NetCAT 10 test against Subversion 1.9.5 or newer?

This list would be the place to discuss that, during the spec review
process. With a quicker release cycle for NetBeans, I think it would be
good to remain active on this list between releases to discuss these
types of questions; the test spec review should really be an ongoing

Re the version question, I would say use the latest version (or the
version you are using in production). An issue report should always
contain the version number used in any case. There have been many times
where an issue was raised during NetCAT and devs were able to narrow it
down to changes in a library version after looking at it more closely.

VCS Subversion has roughly 60+ test specs in 9 test suites.
Is the expectation that all 60+ specs are tested separately with: javahl,
svnkit and command line?

svnkit has been removed due to licensing issues:

In other words, a VCS Subversion volunteer does all 9 test suites
separately using each connector?

Just asking, why VCS Subversion testing in NetCAT 10?
No movement on NetBeans Version Control Issues in JIRAs from previous
NetCAT, so just asking what IDE changes would affect VCS Subversion code

Aside from regression bugs, Java itself is undergoing bigger changes
than it has in the past. For example, in NetCAT for both the NetBeans 9
and 10 releases, we found things in the profiler that were broken by
changes in the JDK.

As for the volume of tests, there is nothing to stop us from simplifying
them or splitting them up into smaller sections. Even if you can't finish
the whole thing, some testing would be better than none.

Again, these are all good questions to be asking. Let's get some
discussion going on these things during the interregnum between NetCATs!

P.S. It looks like you've removed yourself from the participants list.
Do you still want to help test Subversion? We have until the 28th.

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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