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From Leo Donahue <>
Subject Re: [vcs] NetCAT 10
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 17:23:35 GMT
On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:21 AM Glenn Holmer <>

> [Sending from gmail as KolabNow is down... again.]
> On 10/22/2018 09:53 PM, Leo Donahue wrote:
>    1. Are there still tribe leaders like in NetCAT 9?
>       - All of the recent emails about not being done would have come from
>       tribe leaders before.
> There just wasn't enough time to go through the process of selecting
> tribe leaders this time; I myself only volunteered to help coordinate
> NetCAT at the last minute. NetBeans is on a shorter release schedule
> now, and we have fewer people in NetCAT than we used to. I believe there
> were well over 100 for earlier releases (I'm a veteran of 18 NetCATs).
>       4. What constitutes a test spec review?  In other words, aside from
>    my input, who else makes decisions on the contents of the test specs?
> I've always felt that NetBeans devs should be writing and maintaining
> the test specs; otherwise it's sort of like the lunatics running the
> asylum :)  But that can be a time-consuming process. Bottom line, we're
> all volunteers now and we have to maintain the test specs ourselves.
> Questions about features and expected behavior can always be asked on
> the dev list. This is one of the areas where I think NetCAT can improve,
> and suggestions are of course welcome.
>    - Where do I provide feedback on the VCS Subversion test specs?
>       - Does NetCAT 10 test against Subversion 1.9.5 or newer?
> This list would be the place to discuss that, during the spec review
> process. With a quicker release cycle for NetBeans, I think it would be
> good to remain active on this list between releases to discuss these
> types of questions; the test spec review should really be an ongoing
> process.
> Re the version question, I would say use the latest version (or the
> version you are using in production). An issue report should always
> contain the version number used in any case. There have been many times
> where an issue was raised during NetCAT and devs were able to narrow it
> down to changes in a library version after looking at it more closely.
> VCS Subversion has roughly 60+ test specs in 9 test suites.
> Is the expectation that all 60+ specs are tested separately with: javahl,
> svnkit and command line?
> svnkit has been removed due to licensing issues:
> In other words, a VCS Subversion volunteer does all 9 test suites
> separately using each connector?
> Just asking, why VCS Subversion testing in NetCAT 10?
> No movement on NetBeans Version Control Issues in JIRAs from previous
> NetCAT, so just asking what IDE changes would affect VCS Subversion code
> base.
> Aside from regression bugs, Java itself is undergoing bigger changes
> than it has in the past. For example, in NetCAT for both the NetBeans 9
> and 10 releases, we found things in the profiler that were broken by
> changes in the JDK.
> As for the volume of tests, there is nothing to stop us from simplifying
> them or splitting them up into smaller sections. Even if you can't finish
> the whole thing, some testing would be better than none.
For someone who steps into NetCAT for their first time, I do wish the VCS
Subversion specs did not build on the success of the previous test. One
fail and you have to start all over to get to a stable IDE state, but the
test after fail test expects previous test to work, so it's kind of
frustrating to be sure what I report is valid or not.

I really like the page which classifies the level of issue between major,
critical and blocker.

With respect to support for external tools like VCS, not using the IDE is
always a workaround, so are all issues related to VCS classified as major?

> Again, these are all good questions to be asking. Let's get some
> discussion going on these things during the interregnum between NetCATs!
> P.S. It looks like you've removed yourself from the participants list.
> Do you still want to help test Subversion? We have until the 28th.

I will add myself back to wiki.. can you make me a place in synergy for vcs

> --
> Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
> "After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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