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From "David Green" <>
Subject nb-javac
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2018 15:29:51 GMT

Just learning the process here so if I need to read other things feel 
point me to them.

I was following instructions 
to install NB10 with OpenJDK11.  I figured out that NetBeans is now a 
.zip within the .zip.

But I missed selecting the nb-javac message to install the plug-in as 
other popups also came up and I think it led to a restart.

When I got back, the message was gone (and not available following the 
Windows | IDE Tools | Notification path as in NB9.

I also looked in the plugins and it is not install nor is there 
(apparently) an option to do so.

Things work without installing although errors are not highlighted in 
the editor window only noted in the status bar.

Is there something I can do to install nb-javac and/or should I submit a 
report about the behavior without nb-javac?


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