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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject NetCAT testing begins!
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2018 18:55:37 GMT
Hello fellow NetCAT testers!

Thank you all for your hard work in reviewing the test specifications so
that we're ready to start the actual test runs. The time has come to put
NetBeans 10 through its paces!

Test run assignments have been made in Synergy:

with generally the same people assigned as did the review. If you do not
have an assignment, please feel free to go through a test case anyway
and discuss your findings on the NetCAT mailing list. This will help us
to achieve maximum coverage across use cases and operating systems. If
you have been assigned a test run and cannot find time to complete it,
please contact me or Jirka or speak up on the list and we will adjust
the assignments. Our goal is to get all of NetBeans 10 tested and
verified so that each release is better than the last one!

Here are the steps to do a test run:

1) Go to the Synergy test run page and log in:

2) Scroll down to the table with test assignments and select your name
in the "User" dropdown of the column header. This will show only your
test assignments.

3) To start testing, click the "Start (continue if saved)" button. Then
simply perform the test steps from the displayed test case and
afterwards click one of the buttons:

SKIP - if you cannot complete given test case in which case please
specify your reason from "Comment" pull-down menu.

PASSED - if you achieved expected result (you can also provide issue
number which is related but does not completely fail the test case).

FAILED - if you were not able to achieve expected result. If a test
fails, click the "Report Issue" link in the upper right of the page. You
will see an error message unless you are logged into Apache's JIRA. Log
in or create an account, then create an issue that describes what you
found. You will need to provide the issue number failing the test case
back in Synergy.

PAUSE - Synergy measures time needed for execution of each test case, so
if you stop to work on something else, remember to click PAUSE. This
helps us keep track of how much time the tests take in order to keep
them manageable. When you want to resume testing, click the "Start
(continue if saved)" button again.

The deadline to complete the test runs is October 29th, but please don't
put it off! Going through the test runs can be very time-consuming and
you'll want to allow for the possibility of filing issues in JIRA,
asking for help and clarification, and so on. And please don't hesitate
to discuss any questions you may have on the NetCAT mailing list.

Good luck and happy testing!

Glenn Holmer and Jiří Kovalský
NetCAT 10.0 coordinators

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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