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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject PHP Smarty Framework test spec
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2018 13:21:24 GMT
On 10/08/2018 02:46 AM, Walter Nyland wrote:
> Looking at "PHP Smarty Framework" test spec: 
>  Does Smarty need to be downloaded and installed somehow (I'm not
> familiar with Smarty):
> Is that needed for Smarty to work -- I noticed that code completion
> does not work at all for Smarty, I guess because I have not installed
> Smarty? The need to install Smarty is not included in the test spec,
> happy to add it, just need to know if that's needed, and for which
> part/s of the Smarty functionality.

A question like this might be better asked on the dev list (or CCd
there), where the guys who implemented the PHP donation are more likely
to see it. If the answer is "yes, you need to install it", then by all
means, update the spec.

In general, it's a good idea for NetCATters to be subscribed to the dev
list as well. There's much to be learned from that list!

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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