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From Jiří Kovalský <>
Subject [Urgent] Review of test specifications by Oct 8
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 10:06:31 GMT
Hello fellow NetCAT geeks,

    as Glenn has mentioned in his NetCAT 10.0 invite last week, the very 
first task for everyone joining this program is the review of test 
specifications. To coordinate this effort we have created the following 
Confluence page:

    We only have this single week for the reviews so we would like to 
kindly ask all NetCAT 10.0 participants to sign-up as reviewers of one 
test specification each belonging to their tribes of choice and then 
actually doing that review. :)

    The review means a simple verification that specification matches 
reality. If you spot only minor inaccuracies (spelling, grammar,
formatting, missing steps and so on), then just update the current 
version of the test specification. If there are changes in the 
functionality that would make the test specification incompatible with 
previous versions of the IDE, please clone the test specification for 
Apache NetBeans 10.0 before updating it.

    And last but not least, please keep that tracking Confluence 
updated. Let me once again repeat that we need to have the test 
specifications updated by 8th of October before the actual testing begins.

    Please, please help and contribute your time to this important 
NetCAT starter!

Thank you very much!

Jirka & Glenn
NetCAT 10.0 coordinators

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