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Subject Some of my thought regarding NetCAT 10
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2018 16:10:51 GMT
I know that I am nowhere close to make bold statements, but here come few remarks from my side
(when it comes to current NetCAT edition).

There are few things I liked, and few I haven't found quite appealing to me.

First of all, I feelt too much time presure. I haven't had this kind of feelings in the past.
It might be that I have joined quite late, but still, there was this rush like feeling.

I think that people who entered NetCAT might have felt little bit lost. There was no clear
entry point with details how to assign yourself to tasks. I mean, you could have found all
these information, however (in my opinion) it could have been be explained better, pointing
directly to places where you have to click and how to choose stuff. To be honest, I spent
quite some time before succesfully assigning first task to me.

Just an example, when it comes to slightly missleading info:

- there is info that you need: but then, you are redirected to version

I think that tests should be more isolated. Pausing, in some cases, makes no sense at all
as I had to go through previous steps anyway to get to the point where I have paused.

JIRA tickets - it looks like we were encouraged to submit tickets, but they are left in strange
state - e.g. there is no person assigned to solve the ticket. After few such tickets, it seems
like submitting them makes no much sense. I'd prefer to get - "Not a bug/Won't fix" comment,
than no comment at all.

It might be, I have missed some sort of memo regarding JIRA tickets, and I need to be more
patient - than, it's fine, I will wait.

Tribe leaders - to be honest, I don't find the concept of tribe leaders quite useful. The
tribes are heavily distributed, and as a tribe leaders, people don't have that much impact
on other's work or efficiency. It's simply more work to do and more to worry about (e.g. distributting
the work). I think I prefer the way it is now, where each person can volountier to perform
some tasks.



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