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Subject Profiler pack for NetBeans - Docker based
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2018 12:56:12 GMT
While struggling with VM for remote profiler, I have decided I need reproducible, easy to run,
quick solution.

VM is OK. But for each new person joining profiler tests (remote) you have like few hours
spent to setup everything correctly:

- download image,
- create VM,
- install required packages,
- transfer jar,
- transfer server pack,
- configure JDK.

Anyway, it takes time.

I have decided to play a little bit with Docker - for this particular purpose. And here is
the outcome:

Long story short. You need Docker, and profiler server pack generated by NetBeans. That's
it. That's all you need to create remote, Ubuntu based, machine with code running. After starting
Docker container, it will wait on port 5140 for connection.

It may save some time during ad hoc profiler testing.



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