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From Björn Raupach <>
Subject NetCAT 10.0 Participants
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 13:38:56 GMT
Hi there,

if my Twitter is correct you are looking for participants. Since I have been using NetBeans
more or less since it came out I would be pleased to help out in the acceptance testing program.
If you like of course. You did all a great job, hopefully I can give something back in return
for all these years.

I don’t have access to Confluence so I just enter the relevant data here.

Name: Björn Raupach
Country: Germany
JIRA username: raupach
Synergy: ?
OS: macOS Mojave
Platform: 64bit
CPU: i7 8th gen
RAM: 32 GB
Availability: 1 hour
Tribe: Java Editor, Maven

Good luck!

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