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From Glenn Holmer <>
Subject Re: [news] NetCAT 10.0 proposal
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 16:34:55 GMT
On 09/25/2018 08:34 AM, Jiří Kovalský wrote:
> Hello NetBeans community,
>    the November release of Apache NetBeans is quickly approaching so I
> would like to propose a schedule for the NetCAT 10.0 program [1].
> Release drivers for version 10.0 are JDK 11 features and PHP support.
> [1]
>    Please take a look at this plan and share any concerns you might
> have. I am specifically interested in opinion of Laszlo Kishalmi - our
> Apache NetBeans 10.0 release manager. If no major objections arise, I
> will officially start NetCAT 10.0 program on Thursday - 9/27.

Looks good! Let's make sure we spend enough effort on updating the test
specs. I think it would be helpful if active developers had a look at
them too (even if they're not taking part in NetCAT), so we can make
sure that they reflect NetBeans' current functionality.

Glenn Holmer (Linux registered user #16682)
"After the vintage season came the aftermath -- and Cenbe."

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